long hair vs. short hairAfter my recent hospital stay, I felt compelled to reflect on the last 6 months of my cancer battle.  Throughout the hardships, I have found quite a few blessings. 
I kinda dig my short hair– So before I was diagnosed with cancer I had really long, extremely thick hair.  When my hair was curled, I loved it.  But let’s just say getting my hair done in the morning was an hour long process!  It was nearly impossible to find time to get it done, so most days, my hair was worn in a ponytail or wet bun because drying it was at least a 30 minute process. 
I was never really bold enough to try cutting my hair short, but now that I’ve done it, I don’t think I will ever go back to long hair.

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My husband and I have never been more connected-  In seven years of marriage, Mike and I have been through our share of difficult times.  Together we have overcome a lot of obstacles and each day I thank God that he brought such a beautiful man into my life.  We married when we were 24- young and a little naive.  But we are big dreamers and hard workers. Together we are just better.  And any man that is willing to change your bed pan, is in it for the long haul.  True story.  That really did happen. 

Speaking of family-They have been amazing.  Truly.  Our parents and siblings have gone above and beyond to make sure my children are taken care of when I am sick, the house is cleaned while I rest, and there is always wine on the shelf when I’m back on my feet.  I know that family’s often play the role of caretakers, and in my case I don’t think that I can ever repay them for their generosity. 

Social media has reconnected me to so many people I thought I’d never talk to again- I can honestly say that in the last 31 years I have met some truly incredible people.  Many of those people I lost touch with but through the magic of Facebook, I have been able to connect with many of them.  A lot of them have become cheerleaders in my journey, some have left extremely heartfelt messages, and many check in just to say hello, provide donations to the LLS and even Penguin tickets so that Mike and I could have a date night! Social media is amazing, and  I love that Facebook allows me to document my journey and reach out to people who are also struggling- maybe not with cancer but in their own battles.  It is truly my hope to inspire others through social media. 

Neighbors, friends and strangers are genuinely kind-hearted and thoughtful-
From anonymous donations to our fundraising efforts with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to preparing a dinner for the family or messages on my Facebook wall , simply telling me to keep fighting or connecting me with other survivors.  People don’t have to do these things.  Embarrassingly I don’t know if I’ve had the chance to say thank you to everyone, but know that your words and generosity have made a profound influence in my life:  thank you kind neighbor and stranger.

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My job has become paying it forward and helping others
As many people who follow me on Facebook or my blog know I am also a health coach through Beachbody.  What started as an opportunity to share my personal weight loss results has become a full time career inspiring others to meet their financial or physical goals.  I don’t really look at the sales part of it- I am sure you will find plenty of coaches a lot more successful than me in this department.  But everyday I get to wake up, put on my positive attitude, and inspire others to achieve their goals.  Even on my BAD days, there is no time for a bad attitude because someone out there needs me to say something positive. Not only do I have the opportunity help people achieve their weight loss goals, but I get to inform people of my own journey:  even with cancer!
Your words matter to someone.  If you believe you are influential, then you simply become inspirational. 

sunday quotes I appreciate things in life that most people overlook-  Here is a little story I shared on my LIKE PAGE, ONE FIT FIGHTER:
Mike took Nick fishing this morning. Dom would be spending some time with grandma, and I was staying home to get the mile long to do list accomplished.

About 30 minutes after they left, Mike called and said, “Katy, you are going to kill me. I have your keys.” He sounded upset. He knew the to do list I had.

Instead of getting worked up or asking him to drive home (which the old Katy absolutely would have done). I said, “It’s cool. I’m not worried about it. Have fun.”

Life is super short. We are always in this crazy rush to do something, to be somewhere, to get something done. Do you take time to do nothing but sit and think about your blessings. Not the to do list. But just breath in the blessings you truly have.

I think often about how cancer wears on me physically, mentally. But I find myself thinking about the blessing it has become. Crazy right? But really, it is changing me. It is molding me into someone I didn’t know existed. I truly do like the person I am becoming.

Today. Stop. Forget the to do list. Just be and be blessed.
I know that the time we have here is precious;  each day is a blessing.  At the age of 31, most people aren’t thinking about their own mortality.  I am blessed enough to think of it everyday.  I really don’t sweat the small things.  I work hard, but I don’t let it consume me.  Life is too short

I am the oxymoron of health:  When I was first diagnosed with cancer, a million thoughts, trivial and complicated, filled my mind.  It was hard to ever think clearly. One scary thought was knowing that I just completed my paperwork for continuation of maternity days before the diagnosis.  I remember having this conversation with my friend, Stace, and asking, “Who in the world would want the girl with cancer as a health coach.” Simply, she responded, “Everybody.” This was a true eye opener for me.  In that moment I made the decision that I was going to be a role model for others going through cancer treatments or personal illnesses.  I was going to fuel my body with good foods, and no matter how modified my workout would be, I was going to do them.  Some days, I am sick.  I have been hospitalized, but no matter what, I persist.  I will not be held back because of a diagnosis.  Bring on the P90X3 and the PIYO.  I am not afraid of a little sweat.

I have truly been blessed by an extremely difficult time in my life.  Many moments of this journey have become foggy (blessedly) and other moments, especially those with my children, are crystal clear.  Life is good.  Live it beautifully.

Love stronger, Breath deeper, Give freely.

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Katy Ursta


  1. Tati Cordeiro

    August 14, 2015

    Awesome Katy. So true…life is better lived when we slow down and think about the blessings.