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Chalene:  Creator of PIYO

I officially started my PIYO journey and I have to tell you, I had my reservations about this one.  I don’t consider myself a yogi and intense cardio has always made me feel like I am mastering my workout.

PIYO is surprisingly intense.  Not in the can’t catch my breath, don’t think I am going to walk tomorrow kinda way.  But it’s intense in the:  holy cow that is a heck of a workout kinda way!  My main goal with PIYO is not to lose weight but to maintain strength throughout the remaining chemotherapy treatments and to increase my flexibility.  I am not gonna lie…I never stretch!!! Ever!

So Week One Looks Like This:

does piyo increase flexibility
Increase Flexibility?  Yes, please!

Day One:  Fundamentals is a 40 minute breakdown of the moves that you will be using throughout the program.  Chalene does a great job of walking you through what your form should and shouldn’t look like.

Day Two: Define Lower Body (25 minutes) increases your lower body strength through plank work, leg lunges, warrior moves, and don’t forget those squats!

Day Three:  Define Upper Body (18 minutes)  Yes, it’s a short workout, but don’t let that fool you.  This intense workout brings on the stretch through plank work, tricep push ups, and bicep work.  This one left my shoulders screaming for sure!

does piyo increase strength

 Day Four: Sweat (35 minutes)  This one lives up to it’s name.  An all body workout that keeps you moving without the pressure on your joints.  You’ll be sculpting your entire body through these yoga and piyo moves.

Day Five:  Rest!  (I needed it!)

Day Six:  Define Lower Body

Day Seven:  Define Upper Body

Week DONE!

PIYO also comes with a complete nutritional meal guide to help you plan for success.  It is important when you are adopting a new workout regimen that you not restrict calories.  Instead, planning for meals that are a mix of healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean proteins will help you maximize results!

According to the PIYO MEAL PLAN I follow the 1,200 calorie a day diet.  Personally, I don’t count calories, but I do plan my meals ahead of time and then post my plan on the refrigerator! 

My meal plans look like this:
4 servings of Primary Veggies
2 servings of secondary veggies and grains
2 servings of fresh fruit
4 servings of lean protein
3 servings of healthy fats

Week One PIYO Meal Plan Based on 1,200 Calories Daily

Please continue to follow me on my PIYO journey right here on through FACEBOOK! I am creating ongoing TEST GROUPS for those looking to get serious about their health!  Oh and those who are interested in winning some money like my challenger Christina!

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