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You’ve got to start somewhere!

This workout has been a HUGE leap of faith for me. I was a total skeptic about this workout and considered boycotting it all together.   I usually enjoy rigorous workouts:  I’ve done Insanity, Asylum, P90X… you name it!  They are tough, and I love them!  So transitioning to a workout that wasn’t so heavy in the cardio department was a big change.  I started to worry that it wouldn’t be enough.  Granted, I am not trying to lose weight, but I love to feel like I am sculpting and defining my muscles!  Two weeks into the workouts and I am seeing a huge change in my flexibility and my strength.  Also my mommy abs are really starting to tighten up!  YAY! Call me a FIRM BELIEVER!

Already a huge change in flexibility!

So far my favorite workout is Core and Upper Body Workout.  Core leaves me sweaty and, not gonna lie, sore!  But I can tell my abs are getting stronger and I find myself engaging my core a lot more throughout the day.  Chalene does an amazing job coaching you through the workouts, so that even after the workout ends you find you are still contracting, focusing on your posture, and engaging your muscles.

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Pardon the morning hair!

I’ve definitely noticed through the PIYO workouts that I do not sweat a lot and I don’t necessarily burn as many calories as I have with other cardio heavy workouts, but I am still getting “The Burn” with each workout.  I’ve also been really diligent about making sure I am making healthy choices and meal planning for success.  The nutritional plan that Chalene created (and comes with the workout) boasts a lot of proteins and vegetables, but there aren’t nearly as many carbs as I am used to eating, so this has been a little bit of an adjustment for me!

I do find that when I stick to my meal plan, post it the fridge, and drink enough water it’s pretty easy to stay on track throughout the day.  When I fuel my body with good, clean, healthy foods I don’t crave the junk!

piyo meal plan, free meal plan
Easy to Follow Meal Plan

My Test Group is currently on week 2 as well, and they are killing it with their nutrition, their motivation, and their workouts.  I CANNOT wait to see their results!
ANNOUNCEMENT****** I also want to tell you that I am going to host another PIYO group beginning July 21st.  I am reserving 10 spots for people who are serious about getting results and  stop dieting.  This is the way to go!Complete the application below if you would like to fill one of the 6 spots remaining!

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PIYO Test Group Time!

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