lindsey stover, weight loss transformation

I’ve decided to do a little spotlight on my amazing coaches.  As many people know, as a Beachbody Coach, I have created a team of other coaches who devote a lot of time to helping others achieve their goals.  Today, I absolutely must give the spotlight to Lindsey Stover:  mom of two, serious success story, CEO of her own business, and Disney fanatic.

lindsey stover, top beachbody coach
Creating a Lifestyle:  Not a Fad!

This woman has an absolutely unbelievable transformation.  She actually found me in the fall of 2013 ready and eager to give that “clean eating thing” a try. We went to the grocery store together, and I taught her how to grocery shop for weight loss success.

She joined a challenge group, with the mindset- I am already overweight and unhappy with myself, so where do I sign???? She joined a clean eating stripped group and gave it 100%: she ate clean ate clean, drank Shakeology every day and committed to walking on the treadmill 5 days a week. In that first 30 days she went from weighing 173.2lbs to 163lbs, that’s 10lbs and and 8 inches-gone in only 30 days!!!!

lindsey stover, dream team
Lindsey and Team at Super Saturday!

One of the most exciting things I noticed about Lindsey’s transformation is her change in attitude.  Her confidence and entire demeanor changed.  Long term success isn’t about weight loss as much as it’s about the mental breakthroughs that you experience.  Every day you have to tell yourself, Yes I can.  I am worth it.  My health is an absolute priority.

She signed as a coach in December to begin sharing her experience with shakeology and challenge groups with others.  She  has been able to inspire and help others strive to reach their health and fitness goals too!!

female weight loss transformation
She knows because she has been there!

To date this gorgeous woman has lost 60 pounds and is a constant supporter of those who are new to setting weight loss goals and making lifestyle changes.

I could not be more proud to call this woman my friend, teammate, and supporter.  Lindsey, I am so proud of how much you have achieved in less than a year and how you constantly encourage your own team to set goals and not be afraid to dream big!  You are an amazing leader.

To contact Lindsey, please visit her website and leave her a message! Not to mention, check out her awesome recipes- so many of them are kid friendly!

Katy Ursta