I’ve been getting a TON of questions lately from family and friends about this “Summit” I will be attending in just a few short days.   On Wednesday morning Mike and I will be heading to Las Vegas and staying at The MGM to attend the Beachbody Event of the year.  We’ll be joined by quite a few members of The Knockout Brigade as well as 10,000 other coaches!

And before I get into the excitement and all the glitz and glam of the upcoming event, I have to first start by saying that never in a million years did I dream that I would actually have an opportunity like this.

2 years ago I signed as a Beachbody Coach because I completed Insanity.  I felt like I could actually conquer the world- I was abolutely unstoppable.  I had awesome results, I had energy to keep up with my then 2 year old, and most importantly I had a renewed sense of confidence.  Although I didn’t exactly conquer the world, I signed as a coach and decided to use my own results as a opportunity to inspire others.

Looking back, that’s all it really was.  Inspiring others! Now I have the opportunity to attend THE EVENT of the Year: Coach Summit!

So What is Summit? 
Summit is the yearly event held by Beachbody to help over 10,000 coaches grow their business!  3 days of submerging yourself into trainings, parties and shows, celebrity workouts, and SHOPPING!  Seriously what’s not to love.

As a mom of two boys, my wardrobe consists of yoga pants, sports bras, and funky socks.  So to be able to attend four parties dressed to the nines is kind of exciting-  it’s true.  I may have overdone it! 

I gotta break it down a little further because I am just too excited not to share!

top beachbody coach


Thousands of Coaches are once again descending on Las Vegas for 4 days of rock-solid success strategies and supercharged fun.  The secret sauce to success in the business has always been personal development and a willingness to grow and learn from the top coaches in the business.  For three days, Beachbody opens its doors to hear from not only top coaches  but also authors and financial advisors. 


coach summit attire
Cannot wait to reveal my new dresses!

So it’s not all work.  There are going to be some major parties to attend as well.  Three of these parties had to be earned, and I gotta say, I’ve busted my tail to get there!
Wednesday:  Elite Night and Cique de Soleil
Thursday:  Sequins and Studs
Friday:  Star Diamond Reception
Saturday:  Celebration
The parties are wonderful and who doesn’t love the opportunity to get dressed up and take some gorgeous pictures, but I am really looking forward to spending the evening with my team and  thanking them for the hard work they put into helping others achieve their goals.  I also cannot wait to network with other people in the business and hear what works for them and how they’ve been able to find success. I will definitely be sharing pictures with you all and of course all of tips and tricks will be shared with my team!

Celebrity Workouts:
So not only am I stoked about the Super Workout with 10,000 people and celebrity trainers on Saturday morning, but I am also pretty pumped for the opportunity to score a front row workout spot!  I’m told that even at 6:30 am it is MEGA hot in Vegas.  Not to mention I also scored a photo opp with my man Tony Horton who is helping me punch cancer in the face everyday!

what is coach summit
Tony Horton better be ready for a big ‘ol squeeze!

piyo pilot groupSO excited to get my hands on the goods at THE CORE.  A 40,000 square foot space for all things Beachbody related. New product launches, apparel, gear, and of course Shakeology samples.  I know that I am beyond pumped to get my hands on PIYO.  The newest workout to be released by Beachbody and absolutely will be flying off the shelves. 

A Final Thought:
I have to ask, “Why wouldn’t you want to do this job?  Why would you want to go to a job every day where you are never going to make any more money than you are currently making?  Why would you want to sit at a desk where you can never reach your fullest potential?  Why wouldn’t you want to be your own boss and also determine your own destiny?”  I know that I want that! I feel like being a part of this company makes me want to be a better, stronger person.  I want to share my journey not just with fitness and health but with cancer.  I can do that with Beachbody!  I also LOVE the fact that I am making MYSELF better in the process!  By exercising, eating clean, sharing my knowledge with others I stay accountable and on track!

Why not you?  Why not be a part of something bigger than you ever thought possible? You have the potential to do something extraordinary with your life.  Will you join me at Summit 2015?

Call to action.  I would like to personally invite you to a 5 Day Sneak Peek into Coaching.  No obligation, just information that could truly change your life.  Click the image below to be a part of the Sneak Peek June 23rd – June 27th.  I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams. XOXO.

work from home dream jobs
Yes! I want to check out the 5 Day Sneak Peek!

Katy Ursta