…Gets shared with all y’all!  Mike and I arrived home last night and my mind is going in a million different directions.  Grateful, blessed, humbled- are just a couple of words that I can use to describe the lastfew days of my life.

My Elite Star!

I wanted to share some of the highlights of the time I had in Vegas with my team and company.  I also have to add that never once did I leave the hotel.  The week was jam packed with workouts, breakout sessions, trainings, shopping and so much awesome new information -it’s enough to make you smile from ear to ear.

I think sometimes a lot of people look at me and see my success with the company, but they don’t often see that I am NO different than anyone else.  I am a mom, a teacher, a survivor, and a coach.  I simply love what I do and truly enjoy sharing it with others.  What I do as a coach is my passion.  I’ve designed a life that I love.  A life that allows me to be home with my kids.  A career that allows flexibility for my treatments, and a job that most importantly, inspires others to live a healthier lifestyle.

Highlights from Coach Summit 2014


diana nyad motivational speaker
Diana Nyad

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I was extremely vocal with my oncologist that this trip meant a lot to me and that I would like to attend it regardless of my treatment schedule.  Fortunately, with one delayed treatment (what a blessing that turned into), Coach Summit fell on a non-treatment week.  I was able to make the trip to Vegas and listen to speakers like Diana Nyad and Darren Hardy talk about the power of belief and the power of having a dream so big that it keeps you up at night, it makes your heart race, or you just get so excited that your stomach turns in knots when you simply think of how badly you want to succeed.

But here’s the thing, success only comes when you are willing to openly fail.  You can’t achieve anything great without first accepting the path of failure.  Success isn’t a straight arrow- there’s bumps and twists and turns all along the way.  Diana Nyad did not achieve her goal of swimming from Florida to Cuba until her 5th attempt  at the age of 64.  Can you imagine having a dream so big that nothing, not even box jellyfish, will allow you to stop fighting? 

Bucket List Item Accomplished – Thanking Carl Daikeler

Best MLM Companies
I love that this conversation was caught on camera!

I used to be so afraid of letting people know my goals. I never wanted to truly share them for fear that I might not achieve them and people might judge me or think less of me.  I’ve always considered myself a closet competitor.  A huge goal of mine was having the opportunity to personally thank Carl Daikeler for the blessing of being a part of the amazing company.  In the past two years, I have seen so many coaches give up, walk away because fear and insecurity outweighed the idea that their dream could actually happen.
It took a lot of courage to walk up to Carl and say, “Carl, a few months ago you sent me flowers and  I wanted to say thank you.” His response, “I didn’t send you flowers.”
I stated, “Yes.  You did.  See, I am the coach with cancer.  And I wanted to just say thank you for giving me this opportunity to be home on an extended leave while I receive my treatments.  Because of you and your crazy, big idea, I am home and going back to work is completely my choice, and I have to thank you for that.”  The conversation continued, and I know that I must’ve made an impact because at General Session, in front of over 9,000, Carl Daikeler, CEO of a billion dollar company, told me to never give up and that I WILL BEAT CANCER.  So that is exactly what I am going to do, Carl. Thank you.

Best MLM Companies

Meeting the Men Who Personally Train Me Everyday
Most people know that I’ve been battling Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since February.  Part of my ability to remain strong throughout treatment is working out every single day. Not only did I get to meet this awesome gentlemen, but I got to workout with them too. Part of the Coach Summit experience is being able to participate in live workouts with your favorite celebrity trainers.  This year I worked out with Chalene Johnson, creator of PIYO, Autumn Calabrese, creator of The 21 Day Fix, and of course Tony Horton and Shaun T.  The energy in the room is like nothing I’ve ever experienced!

live celebrity workout

Experiencing Summit for the First Time with my Incredible Team:  The Knockout Brigade
My favorite part of my summit experience was without a doubt experiencing it with my incredible team.
This trip wasn’t just about partying or getting all dressed up and taking pretty pictures, it was about meeting the people that have impacted your life and the ones you have impacted as well.  It just really hit home and Carl’s speech about never giving up even when it gets difficult and quitting is just so much easier.  He really put everything into perspective.  It is obvious that he doesn’t do this for the money but because he has a dream so big that is simply unstoppable!  It’s so much more, its a passion and he truly cares about ending the trend of obesity in America. To know that being a part of this event has changed their lives as much as mine means the world to me.  How blessed are we to be a part of something bigger than we ever imagined?

successful beachbody coaches

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successful beachbody coaches
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    You are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us 🙂