Hey Fitfam friends!  I just finished week 3 of my P90X3 Journey.  I gotta tell you, I don’t think it’s getting easier but I sure as heck feel like I am getting stronger.  Who would have thought?  You can feel stronger  after 5 chemotherapy treatments?!?!?!?
P90X3 is a 90 program and is divided into three blocks that are each three weeks long.  There is what’s called a transition week in between these blocks. The transition week is designed to strengthen your muscles from the rigorous workouts that you’ve been doing throughout the block. Total, I have missed one workout.  That’s it.  I believe I have cancer, but I WILL NOT let it define me.

Transition Workouts Include:
Tuesday: Dynamix
Wednesday: Accelerator
Thursday: Pilates X
Friday: CVX
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday:  Rest or Dynamix

Now because this is also a treatment week (Wednesday is treatment day) .  I simply adjust the workouts to accommodate my schedule.  CVX, the most rigorous of the workouts this week, was done on Monday.   I will use my rest day on Thursday, my weakest day following treatment. 

working out with cancer

Tough Love Tuesday  ***Warning*** Don’t read this if you aren’t ready to hear some truth!
It’s so easy sometimes to focus on the road ahead- to become overwhelmed with the obstacles you still face.  I hear so often of people who start a program, give it a good solid week or two, and then decide to give up.  They aren’t seeing results.  They don’t think it’s working.  They have too many “other” things that get in the way.   Excuses are VALID.  You’re BIG goal though has to be BETTER than your best excuse.  Sometimes it’s really not a matter of if you can or can’t, it’s a matter of priority.  What are you willing to sacrifice to get what you really want.  Are you really ready to work for it?

Wanna See My NEW DO????

Yes it’s true.  I shaved my head.  I have to be honest though.  It’s not because it was really falling out.  No one would even notice the thinning, except me.  I shaved it for me. The anxiety that comes from the possibility that it MAY happen, wasn’t worth it.  Taking my hair was 100% my choice.  Was it easy?  HELL NO.  But the anxiety is gone, and I can refocus on my priorities-  kicking cancer’s ass.

But if you want to see my new style, I am going to kindly ask for you to share my story.  Do you remember when I first asked you to do this?

Here’s the Deal!!!!

Throughout the last couple months I have had a lot of people ask, “How can I help? What can I do?” And now I have an answer, for you. Yes, you. If you are reading this. I need your help. Are you up for it? Are you willing to help me?

Truth. Last couple months, not too fun. In fact I am sincerely overwhelmed with the idea that I have 7 treatments remaining. When I think about it, I have to pause and just breathe. It’s a lot to take in! So this is where you come in. Way back when all of this started I told you that I would be honest and share my story with you, if and only if you are willing to share it with others. Are you still willing to share it with others?

This Wednesday, I will officially be at the half way point for treatment. And I want to celebrate a little. Here’s what I need from you: 

living with cancer

1. Head over to my LIKE page, One Fit Fighter, and “LIKE” my page.

2. Invite 5 or more friends to “Like” my page. The more the merrier, right.

3. On Wednesday, dawn your purple gear. Get in an awesome workout and post your sweat pics on my LIKE PAGE. It would cheer me up greatly to see you sweat for a cause. Doesn’t matter how you sweat, JUST DO IT.
4. Once you sweat, tag someone in your sweat post who inspires you.

How cool would it be to see 100 or more people sweat for a cause?

My goal is to get 1,500 “LIKES” to my page. Once this happens, I will be sharing my new do with you, confidently.

Are you in? Are you willing to cheer me up at my half way point? I got this, right?
Have a great day friends!  

Katy Ursta


  1. Tracie

    May 14, 2014

    You got this Katy!