coach summit 2014
The Biggest Event is Almost Here!

Taking a break from cancer to share some awesome news with you all.  So most of you know that I am a health coach, and one of my biggest goals is helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.  Lately though I’ve realized that I’ve been able to help my coaches achieve their financial goals as well.

When I started coaching almost two years ago, I was looking to share my love for Insanity with others and get my shakeology paid for.  I had no idea that simply signing up as a coach would completely transform my life.

coach summit 2014
Officially Heading to Las Vegas Next Month!

Everyday, I am blown away by the lives that are being changed because of the decision I made to simply share my story.  I love seeing the physical transformations and hearing about coaches who are finding finacial freedom.  It’s been beyond rewarding. I simply love what I do.  It doesn’t feel like work.  Truly, I just love what I do.

So back to the awesome news:  two days ago I got the good news that my oncologist is giving us the go- ahead to spend 4 nights in Las Vegas at the Coach Event of the Year:  Summit.  You see, summit isn’t your average work conference.  Nope.  It’s HUGE.

Here’s a little recap from 2013:

As you can see, I am pumped up for this event:  keynote speakers, live workouts, exclusive sneak peeks, huge parties,  access the newest products from Beachbody, including PIYO, and incredible conferences from some of the best in the business.

That’s not all.  Because I am a 2013 Elite Coach, Beachbody is throwing in:

  • A free night stay at THE MGM
  • Invitation to the Elite Reception
  • Tickets to see Cirque du Soleil 
  • Gifts Galore
  • A sneak preview of The Core (all the hottest new swag from Beachbody including PIYO, the hot new workout from Chalene Johnson!)
coach summit 2014
Celebrity Workouts!

Why are they doing this?  
Simply because I am helping end the trend of obesity.  Insane!!!
Yes, I missed the cruise and it was a total bummer, but I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn new strategies to grow my business and help my own coaches succeed, surround myself with positive people working hard to achieve their own goals while motivating me to meet mine.

Ya know, 2 months ago, when cancer crept into our lives, I couldn’t see past the diagnosis.  I didn’t know how I could possibly motivate and inspire others when getting out of bed seemed impossible.  Don’t get me wrong, some days are still a struggle.  But I truly feel like there is a bigger purpose, a reason that cancer chose me.  Summit, I firmly believe, is only going to motivate me to inspire more people to dream big and face any obstacle that life throws their way.

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