2 Years Ago I set out on a journey to share my weight loss results with others. I simply wanted to spread the word that Insanity, one of the most physically and mentally demanding things I’ve ever done, really works.  By completing the 60 Day Program, I felt on fire.  I truly felt like I could conquer the world.  Instead I signed as a coach and never looked back.

I am a 5 Star Diamond Elite Coach.
I am a mom.
I am a wife.
I am a cancer survivor. 
I am a teacher.
I am sister, daughter, friend.

Truly, I am no different than most women.  I simply decided that I wanted to do something extraordinary with my life.  I wanted to help others achieve weight loss results.  In one year, working full time as a teacher, balancing pregnancy/a newborn, I was able surpass my income as an educator, earn the title 2013 Elite Diamond Coach, and be given the CHOICE  to return to the classroom.  And since January 1st,  I have increased my income 95%.  Crazy, right?  HOW???? Simple. I used the power of duplication with my team.  The same system I will teach you if you are willing to learn.

When I started as a coach, there was no tried and tested system in place.  I tried and failed quite a few times to be honest!  But throughout the last two years, I’ve been able to implement a system of duplication that provides success- if and only if you are willing to work hard.

Today, I would like to invite you to a unique opportunity to see what this coaching thing is all about. What does it entail?  How much time does it really take? How do you actually make money? Can I do this while working full time?

Do you have 5 days?  10 minutes a day?!  Starting May 12th for 5 days you can log into an online closed group and hear from different coaches on my team including myself how they have made Beachbody work for their lives!  Also you have access to me to ask questions about the business and see if it truly is a good fit for you!

All you have to do is click the link to
-join the group

No obligation.  It’s simply an opportunity to learn what the buzz is all about. 
Make sure you send me a friend request on Facebook and a message to let me know that you would like to be a part of the group!!!!

Katy Ursta