Hello friends!!!!!  So we are eight days into the month, and I can feel spring is just around the corner.  I can almost taste the warmth in the air.  And in Pennsylvania, that is saying a lot!  I thought I would share my little secret.  Yes, the rumors are true.  T25 is indeed ON SALE!  That’s right:  my go-to, my hit the spot, hot to trot workout is on sale this month.

Yep.  This is me.  10 weeks makes a huge difference!

So what is it all about? 
T25 is a workout designed to be done in 10 weeks and 2 phases to shred and burn fat to give you serious results.  The best part is that the workout is done in 25 minutes.  That’s it.  So you know that excuse?  I don’t have time.  Yes. No.  It doesn’t work anymore.   One fact I have learned that 30 minutes of intense workout with short breaks can give you more results than 1-2 hrs of spending at the gym and taking breaks in between (too long of breaks, or chatting with friends). Its all on what you make of it!

So I get it.  How can this 25 minute DVD possibly be more effective than the gym membership?  Right.  It’s a good question to ask.  But here’s the thing.  Shaun T takes the guesswork out of the workout.  If you follow the schedule and nutrition plan, you get the results.  It’s that simple.  There is no “It could work,” “It might work.” “Maybe.”  This program  along with your challenge group WILL WORK.

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Here’s the Scoop!
t25 testimonialsFirst, you are committed to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 10 weeks.  Yes I know that some people don’t want to do a meal replacement, they are afraid they won’t like it, it won’t taste good, its too expensive or they don’t want to have to drink it forever to keep the weight off!  Well, the good news is this!  It is not your typical protein shake!!  It is a meal replacement with the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, to give you natural energy, to curb cravings for sweets, and to keep you healthy!  Most of us have good intentions of eating healthy, of cooking and preparing all our meals each day but lets face it that doesn’t happen.  We run late, we oversleep, the kids misbehaved and we are finding ourselves running out the door without breakfast or lunch. Instead of hitting the drive thru you literally grab a shaker cup, water and Shakeology!  Breakfast on the go minus the crap that weighs you down and keeps you from reaching your goal.  It’s nutrition in a glass and its convenient!!!  So, trust me on this!  Give me 10 weeks of Shakeology and I will teach you how to plan out your meals, how to make better choices and at the end of the group you will be armed with all the tools to make healthy decisions and you can decide to continue or not at that time! DEAL!!!!!

clean eating fridge example
A little lesson in clean eating!

Second,When you sign up for my challenge group you don’t just get a bag of Shakeology and a fitness program!  So I run groups in which I add you to a closed online support group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. Then, I have an entire week before we start and I call it “Pre-Season” and this is where we plan and prep.  I help you write goals, we do pics and measurements, we talk about meal planning in depth and I guide you in the right direction to be ready for day 1!   Each day you log in, read the daily post, log your accountability stats and you stay focused on your journey!  There will be ups and downs, days you want to quit, or days that you feel like the progress isn’t happening fast enough. That is why I am here!   I will help you stay focused and accountable so this program doesn’t become something else you buy, have good intentions and then life get in the way and never finish!  This time it’s different!!!!!

SO ARE YOU IN? We officially kick off May 5th.  Plenty of time for swimsuit season! Fill out the application to begin your transformation today!

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Katy Ursta