So it’s no secret that I speak passionately about living a healthy lifestyle while still loving the occasional cupcake (Thanks Cupcakes by Cathy), but what I wanted to blog about today was actually WHY I think, in my very humble opinion, everyone should have a health coach.

successful beachody coachI know, I know in the back of your head you may be thinking , “Katy, c’mon I can’t afford that!” But you haven’t let me explain myself, friend.  I remember before I ever became involved with Beachbody, I seriously jumped from gym to gym, tried various workouts, read different diet plans, and tried every quick fix in the book.

But it always ended the same way:  temporary weight loss- no long term gains.  Here’s the truth.

1.  I am not a personal trainer.
2.  I am not a nutritional/expert
3. I do not know a lot about the 3 million type supplements and diet pills sold at health stores across the country.

Here’s what I do know:
1.  What has worked, consistently and permanently for me and my husband for about 2 years.
2. Attitude is everything.
3.  Accountability is the missing link.

you are not a dog

Let’s face it, in the last couple months, my life has figuratively been turned upside down.  The treatments I am enduring are less than fun and downright exhausting, BUT through this all, amazingly I have maintained a workout schedule that is somewhat unbelievable.  So then why do I believe having a coach is important?

Let’s start here:
1.  It’s free:  As a health coach, I am not a self proclaimed expert but a woman who has helped hundreds of people lose weight, keep it off and pay it forward.  I am given the tools by Beachbody to help others.  Simply put- if you do exactly what I tell you to do, IT WILL WORK.  There is no maybe.  There is no guess work.  There are only results.  The testimonials you see on infomercials or on facebook, are real.  Why?  Because there is no magic pill.  It’s hard work that anybody can do if they are willing to do it. Here’s my transformation after baby two!

shakeology benefits2.  It keeps you motivated:  Why do most diets fail?  Think about it.  You start a new routine.  You are pumped.  You read the directions, you look at the testimonials, and you know it’s your turn. But diets aren’t meant to be permanent.  Diets are meant to provide temporary results and usually through a cut in your calories, there is a cut in nutrients.  Ladies and gents:  your body needs these nutrients!!!!  Eventually the diet results come back.  You gain it back and ugh, that cycle begins again.  Being part of a challenge keeps you motivated because there is no diet.  There is only real food.  Food that gives you natural energy.  Food that ignites your system into naturally wanting more real food.  This doesn’t change.  This is long term.

3. It keeps you accountable:  A challenge group consists of a group of participants who “meet” online to achieve their own personal weight loss goals.  Through the help of the coach, each day they are motivated to achieve real results because they are surrounded by others who want the same thing.  Everyone in the group works out on his or her own and report into the group for daily tips, motivation and recipes.

P90X3 Results
Workouts for every level!

I can guarantee 100% that following the meal plans and workout schedule provided by your Beachbody program, and participating in the accountability groups, you will not only see results, you will become the lifestyle behind these results: forever.

Yes, you may occassionally still want that cupcake.  But for goodness sake, have it.  Because you will come to crave the veggies and fruits just as much.

I look forward to working with you.  If you would like to participate in the next challenge group, please complete the application below.

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If you are ready to get down to business, here you go.  Let’s get this started!

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I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!

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Katy Ursta