My PIC (partner in chemo/cancer) Ms. Jessi Marsh gave me a clean, kick butt recipe that I cannot wait to try. 

She has an awesome story and her blogging is fantastic.  Check it out here.  Jess, has been helping me cope with the diagnosis and treatment from a perspetive that only a survivor can.  I am happy to announce the Jess is on her last cycle of treatment and well on her way to remission!!! 

Oh and of course she’s helping me stay motivated through the tough days and helping me keep up my clean eating in the process.  She shared this recipe with me, and not gonna lie… it looks great but I am digging the purple!!!!

Thanks for the recipe!

Chop 1 head purple cabbage
Thinly slice 1/4 of a red onion.
Add shredded carrots.
Add dressing

Dressing:(Equal parts) Red wine vinegar Olive oil Lemon juice Agave (or honey)
The great thing about this salad is it gets better as it sits so it makes for good leftovers.

Talk about the perfect dish for summer parties, right!!!

Please share!

Katy Ursta


  1. Sheila

    March 16, 2014

    Sending my prayers, Katie!