The 21 Day Fix became available on February 3rd and to say that it was a hit, is the ultimate understatement.  In a matter of days, the program sold out and became available through pre-order only!!!  How insane is that!!!!

what is the 21 day fix

What’s the reason for this huge phenomenon? Perhaps it’s one of the following:

  • 30 minute workouts 
  • Detailed nutritional plan
  •  No counting calories, carbs or points
  • Incorporation of dessert and wine (yes, please!) 
  • Affordability 
  • Accountabilty

Yes, I would say all of the aforementioned make it a pretty desirable program!  And the minute it arrived on my doorstep,  I literally tore open the book and got to planning.  Immediately I 
began reading through the Eating Plan.  The Calorie Chart makes it really easy to determine how many portions of each food group you will eat.  The food groups are then portioned into the containers (color coordinated for easy portion control).  Whoop! Whoop!  Guesswork gone!

So I’m breaking it down into 4 easy steps.  Yes, only 5 steps stand between me and my weight loss goals.  Game on!

Step One:  Once you’ve determined your caloric needs, simply select the number of containers you will need each day to maximize your weight loss results.

21 day fix portions

 Step Two:  Create your stick to it meal plan!  Then, head to the grocery store and buy only the essentials.  No extras.  Buy simply what you’ve planned for.  (C’mon, you know the saying:  Fail to plan, plan to fail?  True when it comes to meal planning on the fix!)

21 day fix meal plan

Step Three:  Prep and portion out your meals for the week and post your meal plan on the fridge!  It’s easy to stay on track when your plan is staring you in the face!

Step Four:  Smile!  Take those before pictures and measurements!  I know, they aren’t always fun.  But smile because you are gonna have a whole new hot to trot in 21 days!

21 day fix transformation

And a little bonus tip.  When I am striving to hit a weight loss goal, I keep my motivation at the front of my mind, so this little number is hanging in my bathroom because I WILL be wearing it confidently in 44 days on a cruise!

weight loss goals

If you’d like to participate in my monthly 21 day challenge groups, complete the application below!  I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Message me if I can help you with any of your goals!

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Katy Ursta