2013 Elite Coach
2013 Elite Coach

 I did something huge in my professional life that scares the crap out of me.  What I’ve learned in this process is that goals change and priorities shift, but  if you believe in something BIG and you set your mind to thinking it can be done, you will do it.  It will happen.

I can’t say that every step of the journey throughout this past year has been easy.  I swear that I was the walking poster child of the term busy.  Here I was, a new Diamond Beachbody Coach trying to really grow my business and on top of that I had to take care of my 3 year old son, teach throughout the day, and oh yeah, I was pregnant.  Those obstacles,  I decided could become my excuse,  or I could shift my thinking and make it happen.

I simply decided that in order to succeed, I needed to define my “Why.”  After months of trying to conceive, Mike and I found out we were finally pregnant with baby two.  I really wanted to be home with my newborn son for the entire year. With my first son, taking him to daycare was extremely difficult especially because he was plagued with sickness. I knew financially that would not be possible without accruing a substantial amount of debt unless I did something about it.  So, I jumped in.  I worked with my coaches and trained them to duplicate what I was doing in order to be successful.  My determination to make this happen became stronger than any excuse. Was it hard? Hmmm.  Sometimes.  But as I became more consistent with my business, the easier it became.  I am truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Were there setbacks and hiccups and a couple of failed attempts.  Heck, yeah.  But I was determined to make it work and be home for my boys. Now one year later, I look back and have a salary that surpassed the one I made working full time as a teacher.  How awesome is that????

Sucessful Beachbody Coaches
Elite Bombshell Coaches

What I did accomplish is this:
I hit Success club 12 out of 12 months of the year. Therefore I earned the Success Club trip for myself and family on a cruise this March of this year plus an additional $500 to spend while we are there.

I also earned the title 2013 Elite Coach.  What does that mean?  It means that I rank in the top 1% of the company.  There are less than 130  coaches in the entire organization that hit elite!  So out of the 140,0000 coaches in the organization I ranked among the top!!  That is a pretty huge accomplishment for myself.  Not only did I grow my income to triple what it was when I started, but now I qualify for the Coach Quarterly bonus plus the $500 car allowance per month.As an Elite coach I get the insider scoop on when new products, promotions and incentives will be coming out!  I can direct and lead my team more effectively and guide them to be successful as well.

awesome jobs
It still isn’t sinking in that I earned this title!

As an Elite Coach I have a helped lead a team of coaches who are experiencing the same type of success that I’ve seen!  I had no idea one year ago that I would have the opportunity to sit here and share this experience with you.  My coaches are passionate about helping others and paying forward the opportunity to be part of our team.  Daily, we are growing.   My coaches have a strong vision for what they want they want most in life. We are able to come up with a game plan and help them achieve their own goals.  How exciting it has been to see these ladies grow into amazing leaders as well as coaches.

Being home with my boys this year I think is the ultimate accomplishment.  Nick is currently in preschool and loves all things Ninja Turtles.  He has his mom’s sass and his daddy’s “patience.” I love each day being a part of watching him grow and learn.  He’s currently in preschool and loving his teacher and friends.  Dom is 16 weeks old and has rightfully earned the title, “angel baby.” Some days, I don’t change out of my workout gear or am wearing some spit up on my sleeve (let’s call it the mommy badge of honor). It’s beyond surreal to think of how much love I have for my little guys.  I don’t even remember what life was like before them!

 With these accomplishments being said, I would like to invite you to our team.  Our team consists of moms, sisters, full time workers, and friends that truly have a passion for helping others.  I have to be honest.  We’re a little different though.  We aren’t all business.  We like to have a little fun too. Currently, many of the coaches are participating in a P90X3 Challenge Group. Heck yes, we think of ourselves as work in progress and heck yes we laugh at ourselves when we can’t master the moves.  That’s what makes it fun.  In fact, my coaches helped me achieve my own results with daily encouragement and motivation! Yes, we do the work, but we like to play hard too! If you would like to be a part of the elite apprenticeship training, please fill out the application linked here. 

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I am 100% committed to helping my team, my customers and my challengers have the MOST success they can possibly have with my help!!!  Together we will set goals for ourselves, we will take action and we will achieve our dreams!!  Dream BIG and BE AMAZED AT THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!

Katy Ursta