Hey friends!  Little progress update coming your way.  So I recently finished T25 and loved my results.  I am still about 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight, so it’s time to turn up the heat on my workouts.

effective quick workout
Too cold to go to the gym!

Truthfully, I think my favorite part about T25 was how spoiled I was with getting such an awesome workout in 25 minutes that I really can’t imagine going back to the one hour workout.  So, my husband and I decided to go with P90X3.  P90X3 is Tony Horton’s newest workouts that promises the same unbelievable results in a portion of the time.  I mean that’s nuts right?  P90X3 isn’t a household name for no reason.  Those results are ridiculous! I’m totally ready to step up my game and add the 5 minutes to my workout!

P90X3 is divided into 3 blocks.  I’ve decided to do the Lean version of P90X3.  The lean block is dedicated to busting fat through cardio intensity and weight work.  I also will be adding some yoga, isometrix, and pilates into it. Although slow moving workouts aren’t my favorite they are a great way to increase flexibility and core strength.

P90X3 transformation

During Block One I have found the workouts really easy to stick with.  The schedule is great at varying the muscles worked each day, and it’s nice to know that after an intense workout the next day will be much slower (notice I didn’t say easier!)

Here’s what Block One Lean Looks Like:
Monday:  Accelerator
Tuesday: Warrior (hello push-ups)
Wednesday: YogaX3
Thursday CVX (my soul mate X3 workout)
Friday:  Isometrix
Saturday:  Agility X

P90X3 progress
I still have a lot of moves I need to improve!

For my meal plans, I’ve been following Tony’s recommendation.  The nutrition plan takes into consideration your current weight to establish how many portions of carbs, fats, and proteins you should get each day.  So meal planning has been easy because Mike just eats larger portions than me! I keep it simple with lean proteins and complex carbs at each meal.  Check out the clean eating recipes tab for some great ideas!

If you are looking for support in your health and fitness journey then contact me for additional accountability, meal planning and a little extra oomph! 

Oh and oooh lala!!!  Neapolitan flavors are now available!  Message me for details and how to snag the best price!

Katy Ursta


  1. Matthew T. Browning

    January 16, 2014

    Just did the Challenge workout for the first time. I now wish my microwave wasn't above my stove!! I could barely lift my arms.