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Can I take a minute to get real with you? How many of us have ever seriously experienced nonscale victories in our weight loss journey? How many of us take the time to celebrate successes that aren’t related to a number on the scale?  I’ve been focusing on my eating and workouts closely for 12 weeks, and could go on and on about how that scale just isn’t moving fast enough!  Instead I am choosing to focus on what I am noticing:

  • Energy
  • Strength 
  • Better fitting jeans
live it up

 Let’s face it – time waits for no man and the scale moves for no lady!  It’s so easy to give up and throw in the towel when are results just aren’t showing up fast enough.  But here’s what I’ve learned in the past year and a half.  Results happen if you wake up, show up and work hard for them.  They don’t happen overnight but over time the decisions you make to put all your heart in to your work outs and eating clean is what makes the biggest difference.  Seriously, where do you want to be in 10 weeks?  Don’t you want to be happy that you started now instead of putting it off yet another month???

On another note!  I seriously cannot believe I only have two weeks left on the schedule.  I can tell you without a doubt that the Beta phase is NO JOKE!  I’m really starting to see a difference in my hips and belly because Beta phase might as well be called, “I’m going to shred your abs in 25 hard core minutes.” What I am loving right now about Shaun T is how in each workout he walks you through EXACTLY what your form should look like.

T25 results

When I started the BETA phase, I followed Tania on modifications until I felt comfortable with my form.  Then I began to push myself a a little harder.  Modifications DO NOT equal easy.  In fact the modifications are a great way for even the trained athlete to make sure his or her form is impeccable.

Around the holidays too, those meal plans can get a little tricky, so to stay on track I arm myself with lots of water and snacks that leave me fuller longer!  I have a million different responsibilities right now as a mom and wife that I know the 25 minutes I take to myself are necessary for my sanity!  No matter what, I’ve gotta be a little flexible.  Life, is going to get in the way sometimes- especially during the holidays.  Sometimes our best laid plans aren’t going to work out.  But I have found that taking the 25 minutes a day to really focus on meeting my goals keeps me energized and ready to face the obstacles that stand in my way.

So The Work Outs are Shaping Up To Look Like:
Week 7
Monday: Dynamic Core
Tuesday: Core Cardio
Wednesday:Rip’t Circuit 
Thursday: Upper Focus
Friday: Pump Revolution
Saturday: Speed 2.0 & Rip’t Circuit
Sunday: Rest

clean eating meal plans

Week 8
Monday: Core Cardio
Tuesday: Upper Focus
Wednesday: Speed 2.0 & Hard Core Abs
Thursday: Pump Revolution
Friday: Dynamic Core & Speed 2.0
Saturday: Rip’t Circuit
Sunday:  Rest

free meal plans

I am really pumped for the non scale victories I am experiencing, and cannot wait to share my results with you in only a couple weeks!  I am also really pumped for another great workout being released TODAY, and want to extend a unique opportunity to be part of an upcoming elite exclusive test group for daily accountability and motivation.
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I look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Message me today so we can get started on the Best You! Continue to follow me on my next adventure P90X3!

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Katy Ursta