T25 Pump Hybrid
The First Month Looked Like This!

shaun t workoutThe Alpha Phase is officially behind me..and speaking of behind.  Holy cow is mine sore.  Three days of Total Body Circuit in a week???  Bananas, yo!  Shaun T wasn’t kidding when he said give it all you got for 25 minutes.  It’s a heck of a workout and each day I am drenched in sweat!
***Stay tuned,  I will be posting my results this weekend!

Forward march ladies and gentlemen.  It’s time to head onto the Beta Phase of T25.  I’m a little nervous about what’s in store. I know that in the second month, you begin to use resistance bands or weights and intensify your cardio workouts.  By the end of the Alpha Phase, I could definitely begin to feel a difference in my own strength.  My reps are becoming more consistent with push-ups and I was able to complete a set of pike-ups without stopping.

So this week my workouts are gonna look something like this: 

Monday:  Core Cardio & Upper Focus
Tuesday: Speed 2.0
Wednesday:  Ript Circuit
Thursday:  Dynamic Core
Friday: Core Cardio & Hard Core Abs
Saturday:  Pump Revolution 

I also like the idea of really focusing in on my meal planning- especially with turkey day coming this week.  So I’ve looked back through my blog and found some excellent reminders on how to stay focused on my goals this holiday.  Check them out:

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free meal plan

With the holidays around the corner, I’ve found that I really need to execute a plan, that helps me stay focused and on track. Sticking to the workouts in the morning make me a happier, and more energized mama.  Who doesn’t want that during the holidays!

If you’d like more accountability through the holidays, message me for details!

Katy Ursta