plank challenge

***Holy Batman***
This week just kicked my butt! Not only am I bringing my “A” game in my workouts, but my challengers are crushing it (and killing me in the process, lol)!  We like to have some fun in our groups, but I don’t know that this additional plank challenge is what I would call fun ——>

So This Week’s Schedule Looks Something Like This:
Monday: Total Body Circuit
Tuesday: Pump Extreme
Wednesday: Total Body Circuit
Thursday: Pump Revolution
Friday: Total Body Circuit & Lower Focus
Saturday: Pump Extreme
Sunday: Rest

abs after babyBrutal right??? That’s what I was thinking! However, after week four, I am definitely starting to feel and see a change in my strength.  This week I was able to begin my push-ups on my toes.  Which, up to this point hasn’t happened.  I’ve also noticed that I don’t need to break through the 25 minute workout.  After completing lower focus, I really feel like I have mastered it! And Holy Batman am I sore!  It’s a good sore though, the kinda sore that makes you think, “Yea, I owned that worked.”

I also feel like looking ahead to week 5,  it’s time TO GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.  I am really ready to start seeing results, so I need to begin pushing myself.  Sometimes it feels safer to stay at the modifications, but I am actually underestimating my strength.  So the best test for knowing what you can handle is by maintaining form.  If you start to lose form, the workouts aren’t as effective.  So pushing yourself is great, but if you lose that focus, back off!

abs after baby
9 weeks since Dom’s arrival, and starting to see my abs again!

I definitely want to make sure that I am eating right too. I have pictures coming up and want to make sure that I am doing everything in my power to resist temptation.  Of course the shakeology helps, but it is also super helpful to rid the kitchen of the junk, especially at this time of year! Another great option is to try out the T25 Fast Track Plan.

One of my favorite things about all Beachbody workouts is that they come with awesome nutritional guides and meal plan ideas.  It’s really easy to stay on track with the workouts because everything is laid out for you.  There is no guess work.  And you know the results are real because they are posted everywhere…including here!

So this week’s meals are looking something like this.

free meal plan

As always send me a message or connect with me on facebook if you would like more support in meeting your health and wellness goals!

Katy Ursta