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I cannot believe I am heading into week four already of the T25/Pump hybrid schedule.  It’s crazy to think how much stronger I feel this week than I did at the beginning of my workout journey.  I remember feeling really frustrated at first because I had to modify so many of the moves- especially because before pregnancy I was kicking booty especially with push-ups.  But this week I really began to feel a change in my overall strength and endurance.  I moved away from knee push-ups and back to regular push-ups.  Nope, I couldn’t quite keep with the Shaun-tourage, but I was pretty proud of myself. 

Ok. I am not going to call it a set-back but that dang scale is not moving. Not even a little.  It’s so hard not to get frustrated when I am really working hard, but I’ve learned throughout my personal fitness journey that the body is changing, even if the scale doesn’t show it.  I encourage all of my challengers to take pictures and take measurements at the beginning through the end of the weight loss journey.  I always think these are best measurements of physical success. 

T25 results

This week I was also diagnosed with bronchitis…perhaps I received the kiss of death when my 3 year old came home from school and sneezed in my mouth (hey no one ever said motherhood is pretty).  I felt a cold coming on, doubled up my shakes, and began to feel great.  But the cough persisted…so I took a day of much needed rest, drank lots of fluid, and am finally feeling like myself again!  I can honestly say that in the past a cold like this would have lasted me so much longer, but the shakeology give me the nutrients I need to fight off the cold weather contagions!

shakeology recipes

Looking Ahead– I am so ready to kick it up a notch and challenge myself to push harder and select meals that will bring fuel to my workouts.  So, I’ve meal planned for the week and am paying close attention to my carb/protein intake.  I find that if I go too long without a meal, I want to snack on EVERYTHING!  My son’s Halloween candy is still lingering in the house, and I caught myself really wanting to eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…I wanted it bad!  Instead, I pulled out my recipe card that comes with my monthly order of chakeology, blended a Reese’s recipe, and POOF! Craving, gone!

healthy choices

It’s so easy to give into a quick temptation and lose sight your long term goals for an instant of satisfaction, and I know that one piece of candy isn’t going to ruin my progress, but I know that one piece of candy usually leads to another and another!  Little, seemingly choices compound into big success or big failure over time!

So What’s on the Hybrid Schedule This Week? 
Monday:  Cardio
Tuesday:  Pump & Shred
Wednesday: Lower Focus
Thursday: Pump Revolution
Friday: Ab Interval & Speed 1.0
Saturday:  Pump Extreme

And don’t forget that 80% of the weight loss battle is making good choices in the kitchen!  Are you making good choices?  Need help with your meal plans? Message me or find me on facebook so we can plan for your success!

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Have a Happy and Healthy Week Friends!

Katy Ursta