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Heading into another week and I am “pumped”up about the challenges that lay ahead.  I got a little upset this weekend when I was looking at some pictures from last fall.  Ya know , sometimes I really, really want that quick fix.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just take a magic pill and “poof” the last 10 pounds are gone?  Perhaps it is easier.  But it’s never long lasting.  When you deprive your body of nutrients, you are going to eventually have to make up the calories and those pounds come right back on!

So, alas, I guess I am going to have to do it the old fashioned way:  train mean and eat clean.  Yep, I used my Sunday to plan for the week ahead.  I have my meals planned out and my hybrid too.  You may notice that I eat my 5-6 small meals a day to keep my metabolism burning and pair complex carbs with lean proteins.  I am not someone who counts calories but I definitely keep my portions in check! And I leave room for a treat meal because, well, I’m human!

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Week Three Looks Like This
Monday:  Total Body Circuit
Tuesday:  Pump & Shred
Wednesday: Speed
Thursday:  Pump Revolution
Friday:  Cardio & Lower Body Focus
Saturday:  Pump Revolution

I love that I’ve been able to stick to this program because I have made my health a priority!  2 days this week will only be 25 minute workouts, but if life gets in the way  I easily switch the days I do certain workouts.  I also hold myself accountable.  I actually plan each workout into my schedule during the week and share my schedule with Mike so he’s on board too!   I look at each workout like I would a doctor’s appointment:  I show up because it’s something I need to do for my health, and I don’t cancel a workout unless I have no other option. 

I also love that my online support group is there every step of the way!  Each day I have the opportunity to check in with my challengers, provide motivation, support, tips, recipes and meal plans.  And now that I am working on my own transformation I get to be a coach and a participant!  It’s a win/ win for me! 

My groups start monthly, and if you’d like to be part of the next challenge, send me a message!

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