Feeding America

So today has been one of the most inspiring days of my journey with Team BEACHBODY. I really have based my entire business around helping other people meet their health and fitness goals and teaching them what has worked for me. It is even more inspiring to listen to CEO Carl Daikeler talk about the November GIVE BACK project!!!
So please check this out because it’s awesome and I want to contribute in any way that I can!!!

So Beachbody has just announced that in November we will be FOCUSED on “Giving & Receiving” Anyone who purchases Shakeology HD or a Challenge Pack will RECEIVE a $20 coupon towards future purchases. Super COOL!!! Just wait until you hear the GIVE part … it’s WAY SWEETER if you like to help people in need.

give back; Thanksgiving

For every Shakeology HD order that is made they will donate $10 to Feeding America and every Challenge Pack sold they will donate $20 to Feeding America! There is NO LIMIT on this. Their goal is to donate $500,000+. Each $1 contributed will pay for 9 meals! This means if you decide to join my “Holiday Survival Guide” Challenge group and get Shakeology or a Challenge Pack you are helping provide at least 90 meals to someone in need. Impact or what!

So you can help others all while helping yourself get healthy & fit! I feel so blessed for the life I am living and I’M so excited to give back in this way!


If you are interested in this and want more info on joining my challenge group please message me!!! So PUMPED to start this new journey with you!!!!

Katy Ursta