Happy Monday! 

T25 Hybrid

I am back and happy to report that I have survived week one of the hybrid schedule.  Let me tell you too that Shaun T kicked my butt and Les Mills made my legs jello.  Holy lower focus workouts!
It’s another week to kick some butt and stay focused in our game plan!  I always like to share my progress and where I am at on my fitness journey. The pregnancy has left me with about 8 pounds that are hanging on tight(keepin it real- see below)!  As a graduate of the challenge groups, I know this works because I have already had one transformation, so I know I can do it again.   It not only makes my body look good but I just feel better too!  I have more energy when I eat healthy and I am stronger.  Plus your self confidence sky rockets when you feel good about your body.

Les Mills HybridI have officially finished the first week of my Les Mills Pump T25 hybrid and it kicked my butt!  I honestly didn’t realize that I could be that sore!  I was sore in places that I haven’t been sore in a long time.  I actually sympathized with my challengers last week who were doing T25 because I knew how they felt.  The soreness when you start a new fitness program is so intense!  Even when  you refuel your body with the right foods post workout you can avoid it 100%.  So I pushed through,  I didn’t skip my workout, because I know that a hybrid is set up not to work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row so I wasn’t causing myself any harm by working out the next day.  I had muscle soreness not an injury.  If you feel like you have injured yourself then it is important to see your Doctor ASAP!

So Friday was focused on my booty and that was the icing on the cake!  Yesterday I could barely get off the couch because my booty was soo sore! But it’s a good sore and I am weird but I kinda like it!
les mills hybrid

I usually refuel with results and recovery. It has helped to reduce the muscle fatigue and soreness and keep up my energy level.  If you are noticing yourself bonking out after a workout then I highly recommend that you give it a try!  The other thing that has been my saving grace with nutrition is Shakeology.  So many people just think of it as a weight loss shake.  It is absolutely instrumental in losing weight but that is because it is proper nutrition in the appropriate serving size.  It serves multiple purposes for me.  So it gives me the energy that I need to make it through intense workouts, it provides me with the nutrition that I am unable to get from the foods that I eat each day and it is convenient!  So when I’m out at the store and I’m starving, instead of hitting the drive thru I mix up a shake and I’m saved from fast food and bad choices!  Plus its quick easy and takes care of my evening cravings for sugar.  I prefer to drink the chocolate so it’s my chocolate fix without the guilt!!!

Week Two is Looking Like This!
Monday: Total Body Circuit 
Tuesday:  Speed 1.0
Wednesday: Pump and Burn
Thursday: Cardio
Friday:  Lower Body Focus & Ab Interval* (not cleared for ab work yet personally)
Saturday: Cardio and Pump & Shred

free meal plans
postpartum fast weight loss
I’m a work in progress!  Stay tuned!

Those of you that follow my posts pretty regularly also know that I am a huge planner!  I plan out my meals every week and prepare food ahead of time so I am never caught without my snacks and meals.  This week for some reason I felt the need to spice things up!  I needed a new variety and something different to eat.  So here is my meal plan choked full of some new ideas to keep me fresh.  I hope you find it helpful and insightful.  As always if you have questions or need help picking meals that are going to propel you forward in your health and fitness then by all means shoot me a message and I can hook you up!

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