When I think back on why I became a coach 16 months ago, I really had no idea what was in store for me.  Signing on as a coach was a way for me to stay accountable and keep off the weight I lost during my time as a challenger.

work at home mom

But before I get into that, I wanted to just share a little about me.  I am a mom of two little boys:  Nicky (3) and Dom (6 weeks) and am also a teacher.  I am a huge believe that eating healthy not only can transform your body but your mind as well. 

I had no idea that being a coach would allow me to supplement my income as an educator and allow me to stay home with my little guys for an entire year. I also had no clue that I would be be ranked #142 of over 130,00 coaches and a contender for an ELITE spot for 2014! To be honest, that kinda just happened because I really enjoyed helping others.   My goals have shifted quite a bit, but my number one goals has and will always be the same:  HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

successful stay at home mom

So what is an ELITE COACH? 

  • A coach who has successfully helped at least 5 coaches begin and grow their  own successful business (we call these coaches diamonds)
  • Has personally sponsored at least 20 coaches 
  • Is ranked among the top coaches in the company

Being an Elite Coach can’t be done alone.  In fact I have quite a strong team by my side.  These ladies below are my current Diamond coaches.  Each one of them bring a fire to coaching and their success has been founded on the principle:  put people first.

successful coaches

Cay Charrie– This beautiful woman has been a close friend for years.  Not only is a she a mom, she’s a full-time teacher too. She is constantly putting others first in her Beachbody Business and in her daily life.  Being around her makes others just feel good!

successful coaches Kirsten Nuss– Kirsten is truly passionate about this business.  She’s a full-time occupational therapist as well as a obstacle race enthusiast, Fit Club leader, and truly remarkable coach and motivational speaker.  I have no doubt we’ll see her name on the leaderboards very soon!

successful coaches

Heather Weiner– Heather is a soon to be mommy and a determined business woman.  After getting amazing results herself, she jumped into coaching is watching her business blossom.  She is truly passionate about helping her coaches and her challengers experience the same success she is having!

successful coaches
Brigade Team Leaders

Of course these diamonds aren’t the only success stories!  I have an entire team of coaches who are on the same path to success.  I have created a system that is easily duplicatable along with a coach apprenticeship program to start every coach out with the support they need to be successful.  You just don’t become a coach and magically become successful.  It takes a little guidance, support and belief in your ability to do great things! By following three vital behaviors, all coaches have the opportunity to experience their own success. My goal is to teach other people that they don’t need a background in marketing, health and fitness or sales to be successful.  Many of my coaches are stay at home moms and teachers. You just have to have the will to learn and the drive to push through any situation that life throws at you!

When you do these things you become successful. There is nothing magic about what I do- it’s consistency.  It’s pushing yourself beyond what EVEN you think you are capable and having ME to keep you on track! I honestly LOVE my TEAM and I’m so blessed by each and every person on my team!

Meeting my goals is not something I can do alone. I didn’t do this all myself.  It comes only with team work, collaboration and trust!  These three women are a true testament to working hard and being consistent.  They are leaders that are committed to fulfilling the core mission of Beachbody with me!  
Lastly, if you are considering becoming a Beachbody Coach I want you to know that I don’t have any special powers or secrets!  It’s just a lot of cinsistency. I have become successful while balancing a full time job, a family, a new baby, and the curveballs called life. I am mom who cares about helping others achieve their goals: physically and financially  I was once told that if something is important to you, you’ll find a way to make it work, if not, you find an excuse.  And success in this business is important to me because it reveals how many lives I’ve been able to impact.

Here is my video about coaching and how I have made it a successful business for me!

Are you interested in joining part of a top team? I about to launch a Coach Apprenticeship program on November 11th for new coaches on my team!!  If you would like more information on becoming a coach please complete the application below to be considered for a space on my team!!  If you have that feeling in your stomach that this is something you MIGHT be really good at then you have to act on it!  I was the same way and I just knew I was meant to do something great with my life!  What is your purpose?  What is your DRIVE?  What makes you get up every morning and LIVE your LIFE?

Katy Ursta