So just when you are about to pack up the summer clothes and get comfy in your oversized hoodies and sweatpants, Beachbody says, “Not today! We’ve got too many awesome things going on.” So buckle up kids, because Beachbody has some crazy offers and new workouts heading your way!

Shakelogy Trial Packs are now available! 
So maybe you’ve been a little skeptical about shakeology. Perhaps you worried about the price or not seeing the benefits.  Let’s put your mind at ease a little folks!  Shakeology is now available as a trial pack.  For only $20, you get three of our most popular flavors  in four trial packs:  (2) chocolate, (1) greenberry, and (1) vanilla.  You’ll also get 6 recipe cards to wake up the taste buds (although it’s great with just water too!)  Want to know more about this special offer and the benefits of a your daily dose of nutrition?  Click here!

 What’s Black and White and Healthy All Over? 
The new chocolate vanilla combo packs from Team Beachbody!  That’s right!  Beachbody has combined it’s most popular flavors, chocolate and vanilla, into one combo box.  The battle of what’s better: chocolate or vanilla will rage on, so why fight it?  Have your shake, and drink it too! 


He did it again.  Tony Horton.  That man just doesn’t stop! This time he is pulling out all the bringin in 30 minutes!  I know I saw major results with the P90X program, but it was so time consuming.  Now with two little ones running around, it’s hard to find the extra time to workout!  It’s as though Tony read my mind and condensed all the rigor of P90X into 20, 30 minute workouts!  Check it out!

Want to know how to win it?  Throughout the month of October, you can be entered to win your own P90X3 with any HD (home direct) or challenge pack order through me as your coach!  Easy right?!?! More details coming soon!!!!

21 Day Fix Available in February!

A program that focuses on helping you get fit for a significant event and focuses on Portion Control….who doesn’t need to learn about that???!!!! This program is brought to you by Beachbody and trainer Autumn Calabrese.  Not only will you get an awesome workout, you’ll also learn about portion control:  Change My Plate is a return to normal sized portions for a country that’s been raised on super sizes. IT IS NOT A DIET!!!  More details coming soon.  Message me if you would like to be added to the waiting list to be the first to get your hands on this program!

Contact me for more information on how you can be enrolled in my Support Groups! I promise you that it’s way more than a bag of Shakeology! It’s your LIFE!!!! It’s the start of a new you!!!

Katy Ursta