So you may be packing up the swim suits and getting out the hoodies and sweat pants, but do you really want to put your health on hold too?  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be seasonal.  Eating clean is a lifestyle, a choice.  It’s actually a lot easier than you may think.  Why?  Because it’s not a diet.  It’s not something you do to prepare for bikini season and then stop when you get out the winter clothes!  Can you imagine what it would be like next summer to not think about losing the last five pounds?  Or, covering up because you enjoyed the holidays treats a little too much?  Well, today I wanted to share some tips about making a commitment to better your health: permanently! NO DIET REQUIRED!
Tip One:  Eat Clean.  Not sure what that means?  It’s ok!!! It’s really quite simple.  Stay away from processed foods, anything that is boxed, most salad dressings, and has other condiments, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, soda, fast food joints, most coffee creamers, meat with nitrates.  In a nutshell, anything with added chemicals, ingredients, and fake byproducts.  How do you this?  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  If your ingredient list has more than 5-7 ingredients, and you can’t pronounce most of them, put it back on the shelf.  Bottom line- aim to eat foods that grow naturally:  fresh and nutritious! Check here for more specific information about eating clean!
Tip Two:   Get paired up with a workout program.  I really don’t leave my workouts up to chance.  I actually schedule them into my day and follow the provided Beachbody fitness calendar.  I look forward to my workouts because I am constantly working different muscle groups so I don’t get bored.  If I don’t feel like doing it, I pretend I do and look at my WHY- the reason for doing all of this in the first place.  For me, it’s my health, prolonged life for my children, more energy, better mood and confidence.  I am a happier person when I make this time for myself. Beginning September 3rd and exclusively through me, yourBeachbody Coach, Beachbody is offering two amazing workouts for $10 dollarswith your shakeology purchase!  Look for more information to follow!
Tip Three: Shakeology.  This crazy shake has been a lifesaver for me!  I’ve been taking it for a little over a year and it serves as my daily dose of vitamins and nutrition for the day.  It’s not another protein shake.  It’s not another weight loss shake.  Taking it won’t make promise weight loss success.  Instead, shakeology, an all-natural complete meal replacement shake is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that will: 

  •   Curb the cravings
  •   Increase energy
  •   Improve digestion and regularity

I don’t leave home without my shakes.  They’re perfect in a pinch and have saved me from the drive-in on quite a few occasions!

Tip Four:  Challenge groups.  These free, little groups have been the accountability I NEED to stay on track.  I have been hosting these groups for over a year and the response and results are INCREDIBLE.  70% of people who begin a weight loss journey, fail.  Why? Accountability.  I really strive to provide a safe, judge free environment for customers, family and friends to succeed in their personal weight loss journey.  Throughout the challenge, I provide daily motivation and support through fitness, nutrition, personal development and support.  So if you are on facebook, let’s get you set up with our next group:  30 days FIT for FALL! Simply request to join, and I will send you the details.  Not on facebook?  Message me so more information!
My Challenger:  Juliette Ballough’s Inspiring Transformation
Tip Five:  Positive affirmations.  Let’s face it.  We are constantly surrounded by negativity wherever we go.  When we are trying to make a positive life change, it’s so easy to get sucked back into our old habits by telling ourselves our goals and dreams are too out of reach.  So, in my opinion, one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is positive self-talk.  Whatever you think about, is what you bring about.  So plant seeds of positivity, triumph, success and happiness.  Nothing is out of reach as long as you are willing to work!  Remember what we focus on most expands until what we want the most just becomes a part of who we are. 
Thank you so much for your time and please don’t give up on your journey!  You are so worth it!

Katy Ursta