I am officially on maternity leave and have no baby to show for it…yet. But that’s not stopping me.  I’ve been working overtime to prepare for baby’s arrival.

  • Nursery set up. Check!
  • Laundry.   Check!
  • Swings, bassinets, and car seats assembled and ready. Check!
  • Hospital Bag. Check!
  • Post Baby Body Plan. READY TO GO.  READY TO SHARE!

As many people know, I am sincerely passionate about eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I have had an extremely healthy pregnancy in part because (I believe) I used my understanding of clean eating to fuel my body and my baby with the nutrients he needs most.  Yes, I absolutely gave into the cravings from time to time.  But at 38 weeks and 20 pounds gained, I am feeling great…antsy of course, but great overall. 

I have found a way to incorporate my passion and commitment to eating clean to online support groups.  On September 23rd, I am excited to announce that I will not only be leading a group, I will be participating as well.  As a new mom, it can be hard to find a balance.  It’s difficult to plan meals, get to the grocery store, and think about what’s for dinner.  If you feel like your ready to lose weight, whether your a brand new mom or just a woman who struggles to find time for her health.  This is the right place for you.

What the Support Group Is:

Starting September 23rd, I will be adding a select few women to participate in the Stripped Eating 30 Day Group.  What is that exactly?  Stripped eating is eating foods as close to nature as possible.  We eliminate processed foods and learn the benefits of eating clean without ever dieting again.  My goal is to teach all participants how to use food as fuel through:

  • Customized Meal Planning
  • Grocery Store Tips 
  • Motivation and Support for your Personal Struggles 
  • Overcoming  Cravings (What are those cravings really saying about your body?)

This 30 Day Stripped Group will focus primarily on our diets, how we eat.  Workouts are encouraged, but not required, (Reminder, always talk to your doctor before starting a workout routine!), and there is no large time commitment to make.  If this sounds like something you are interested in being a part of, please message me, so we can customize your goals and get started!   Only 10 spots are available so I can give individualized attention to all participants!

September 1, 2013

Katy Ursta