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So I’ve made it 36 weeks and for the first time, the cravings are hitting hard.  I’ve definitely been incorporating my clean meal plans and eating 5-6 small meals a day, but I also know that when the baby comes I will be back to my daily regimen (after recovery of course).  First, and foremost you want to make sure that what you’re eating qualify as healthy for you and the baby.  Simple switches can allow for essential nutrients for your nine months and beyond!

If you like fruit flavored yogurt, try PLAIN GREEK YOGURT
Why:  If you look at the label of most fruit flavored yogurt, you will find tons of ingredients (most of which you won’t even be able to pronounce).  Many times these ingredients don’t actually list real fruit.  On the other hand, plain Greek yogurt has about two times as much protein (which will leave you fuller longer) and is loaded with probiotics.  If you want to add something sweet, try adding fresh fruit or honey, or if you want a rich and guilt free dessert, try this one.

If you like cold cuts (deli meat), try SMOKED SALMON
Why:  So deli meats are out for nine months!  Salmon brings in the omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven to improve a baby’s eye and brain development! It tastes amazing over an English muffin or on top of a bed of lettuce! (Look for smoked salmon labeled wild- a more environmentally sound choice.)

If you like mayonnaise, try AVOCADO
Why:  Mayo has very little nutritional bragging rights unlike the avocado which include fiber, vitamin K , and healthy fats.  It also contains the B vitamin folate to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects. And honestly, not all fats are created equal!  You need healthy fats in your diet!

If you like strawberries, try RASPBERRIES
Why:  Yes, strawberries are a great fruit!  I’m not trying to dis it, but raspberries have twice the fiber- 8 grams in a cup!  (This is about 30 percent of your daily needs during pregnancy!) It helps stabilize blood sugar, which keeps your energy up!

If you like diet soda, try COCONUT WATER
Why:  I completely understand that diet sodas are limited or free of calories, but have you seen any of the studies done on the dangers of aspartame?  To be on the safe side, especially during pregnancy, try replacing your soft drink with coconut water to heighten hydration without spiking your blood sugar! Not to mention coconut water may prevent unhealthy rises in blood pressure.
Craving diet soda or ice cream, try this:  Blend coconut water, Greek yogurt, raspberries, and a tsp of almond butter with some ice!  Craving busted!

If you like peanut butter, try ALMOND BUTTER

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Why:  Almond butter contains six times as much calcium and twice the amount of magnesium as peanut butter.  Magnesium and calcium help build baby’s bones and teeth.  When possible, choose unsalted options made with only almonds.

Hunger buster:  Spread some almond butter on a whole grain tortilla (or rice cake) and top with banana or pear slices and some chopped pistachios.  Roll tightly and enjoy!

adapted from Pregnancy and Newborn

I’ve really been thinking ahead, and I’ve been thinking about how I plan to get my pre-baby body back.  I know that results take time, but I also know that 70% of the results are from what I eat.  So after the baby comes, September 23rd to be exact, I will be running and participating in a 30 day stripped clean eating challenge.  If you want to know more about stripped eating or want to participate with me, send me a message for more information!

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Let me know how I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

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