healthy pregnancy So I feel like the end of this pregnancy is FINALLY in sight.  To any woman who has ever been pregnant during the summer, I’m sure you know how I feel:  hot, uncomfortable, and huge.  Fortunately, I have been blessed with a really healthy pregnancy so far -and an excellent bill of health from my doctor.

I was thinking about some of the things that are keeping my mind off of the hot, sticky mess that I feel like I have become and some of the things that are making me sooo happy.  Every pregnant woman deserves to feel good: I mean after all, you are growing a human inside you.  That in itself is quite an exhausting and exhilarating job right!

My Essentials for A Healthy, Happy, and Comfortable Pregnancy

1. A Body Pillow:  Let’s face it.  You aren’t sleeping great right now, and no matter what you do you just can’t get comfortable.  Not to mention the used to be simple task of turning on your side, has become a long, arduous task!  The body pillow is a great way to support your back, legs, hips and belly.  I’ve seen these bad boys range in price and size, but I’ve found that a simple body pillow at any Target or Bed Bath and Beyond work just as efficiently!

2. Pedicure:  For the first couple months of the pregnancy, I simply did this myself.  I painted my own toenails with no problem, but last week when I attempted this, Mike walked into the bathroom with a perplexed look on his face and said, “Katy.  Seriously.” Okay.  Rule of thumb:  if you can no longer see your toes over your belly, or you find yourself trying to move your belly over so you can see your toes, (which by the way won’t work…I’ve tried.) you may want to have someone else paint them.  Plus 30 minutes of pampering and rest is well worth the money!

3. Rest:  Speaking of rest.  You need it. Take it.  Your body is working in overdrive, so listen to the cues.  Put your feet up.  Get a book and relax.

4. Exercise: Any medical site you go to will advise you to workout during pregnancy with modifications taken into consideration.  But why? Here are just a few reasons!

    pregnancy + exercise

  • Can ease back pain and other discomforts
  • Can increase energy levels
  • Can help you sleep better (personally I haven’t seen this…but I blame my badder.)
  • Can prevent excess weight gain
  • Can Increase muscle strength

If you are interested in starting an exercise regimen through your pregnancy, consult your physician and get the OK!  It’s important that make your doctor aware of your plans!

5. A Not So Mommy Playlist: When you are exercising take the time to really meditate and think about all the wonderful things that are going to happen in your life with the addition of your little bundle of joy.  Or… just turn up the volume on your ear buds.  Don’t ever define yourself as, “just a mom.” You are your own unique person, so before you find yourself lost in a pile of poopy diapers and laundry up to your eyeballs, put your ear buds in, blast your favorite tunes (you know the ones that make you blush if it’s on in the presence of others!) and don’t act your age.   There’s plenty of time for sweet lullabies and nursery rhymes in the coming months!

pregnancy cravings

6. Food for fuel!  I’ve been really fortunate to ward off a lot of my cravings this time around, and have gained a healthy 15 pounds so far.  I firmly believe it is because I have been successful in planning my meals each day and incorporating shakeology into my routine.  I eat 5-6 small meals a day and pair a lean protein with a complex carbohydrate to feel fuller longer.  I’ve been pretty diligent too about paying attention to my hunger cues and drinking enough water.  Many times we mistake hunger for thirst.  Message me if you would like a sample meal plan!

7. Ice Cream:  As good as I can be about handling those cravings…sometimes a girl with a growing belly just needs a little sweet treat.  For me that’s ice cream!  I would like to thank my dear friends, Carla and Caylin, for  introducing me to the all natural Turkey Hill line.  Yes, it’s a total indulgence. No, I don’t feel guilt.  But if you want an alternative, here you go!

pregnancy tips

8. Water:  Drink it.  Love it.  And drink some more.  I don’t drink flavored waters with hidden ingredients and sucralose.  I have flavored some of my own water with natural fruits and herbs like stevia, lemon balm, and mint.  I’ve heard basil is good too…but this is a little outta my comfort zone.  Check out this recipe! Bottoms up!

Thanks so much for checking in!   If you’d like some support in achieving your personal health and fitness goals, send me a message or find me on facebook!

Katy Ursta