My 90 Day Transformation!

Diet trends are everywhere, right!  In fact, a recent study revealed that Americans spend about 30 billion dollars a year on weight loss programs and products!  Craziness, right!   So how do you know what is real and what to avoid.  In our society we want quick results and instant gratification, but do those trends really work?  Do these diets deliver what they promise?  How can you tell? I am by no means an expert, but I do have a lot of experience with diet trends… here are five signs that your diet plan is likely a sham!

1.   Testimonials with NO proof.  If you can’t google first hand results and testimonials from a product or program, it hasn’t been tested.

Challenger Rachael’s 30 Day Results!

2.  A ban on entire food groups.  Our bodies need a balance of healthy fats, complex carbs and protein.  If a diet tells you to get rid of one of the food groups, you’re going to lose essential nutrients, and guess what.  Eventually, your body is going to compensate.  So even if you lose the weight, it’s coming back!

3. Lure of a quick fix.  Here’s a tip- anything that happens fast will get undone fast.

Challenger Jen’s 90 Day Results!

4. A requirement to buy a lot of products.  There are no pills or bars that simply chase calories away.  If you want to lose weight permanently, a combination of healthy eating and exercise are needed!

5. Unrealistic claims, “It works without exercise,” or “Eat whatever you want,” or my personal favorite, “Just shake it on your meal!”

Seriously! I don’t know.  Maybe you have had long term results with one of the aforementioned diets.  All I know is that eating a clean, well balance diet and integrating workouts into my daily life have allowed me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being part of my facebook challenge groups provide the additional support I need to stay motivated and help others meet their own health goals.

If you’d like to learn more about my upcoming challenges, send me a message!

Katy Ursta


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