While I was working out yesterday,  I was thinking about my goals for the rest of the year.  I was thinking about how far I have come and how much I have accomplished in the last year as a Beachbody Coach. I literally started as just a mom and full time teacher who has always struggled with her weight, and I decided that I didn’t want to be overweight anymore.  I focused on myself and learned everything I could about eating healthy.  Then, when people started noticing my changes and my transformation the questions started rolling in.  I truly still had no idea where this was going to end up but I was loving helping people.
I am currently 28 weeks pregnant.  I feel amazing, and financially I’ve been able to make the choice to enjoy a year at home with my newborn!  I love my job as a teacher; I have no intention of leaving my career but having the chance to be home with my kids is an absolute dream come true. I never thought that Mike and I would have the financial freedom to pay off our credit cards, buy our dream home, and create a substantial college savings plan for our son, but Beachbody has given me the freedom to do these things all while helping me get in the best shape of my life:  financially and physically!

What does being a coach actually mean? 

I am currently a one star Independent Beachbody Coach. I help people set health and fitness goals that are specific to their needs. I work with people to select a beachbody program and a nutrition plan that will help them achieve success. I do these things either through my beachbody challenge groups or with individuals on a one on one basis. I use my knowledge of health and fitness and what has helped me lose 20 lbs and build lean muscle mass. I share my success with others and motivate them to be the best version of themselves. I not only help people transform their bodies but I really work on the emotional aspect as well. So much of losing weight is a MENTAL state! We feed ourselves with these self defeating thoughts and sabotage our efforts before we even really give it a chance. So I spend a lot of time helping other people change those thought patterns and become successful. Plus you get to focus on yourself and keep yourself on track as well because you have people to keep them accountable!

Do I have to have a perfect body? A lot of people are interested in coaching but are worried that they have to be this bombshell in order to be a coach.  You do not have to be ripped, cut, or super thin in order to be a coach.  You just have to have a passion and desire to help other people, to lead them on the right path to health and fitness.  You have to WANT to be BETTER!  I do not have a 6 pack, in fact at 28 weeks pregnant, I am pretty far from it!  I do not have a perfect body but each and everyday I feed myself nutritious food and follow an exercise program to keep myself healthy and lean. People are far more likely to want to work with a work in progress!  You can be working on yourself while motivating your friends and family by setting a good example for how a healthy and happy person should live! 

Do I have to do everything you do?  No, absolutely not!  You must evaluate the reason why you want to help other people and determine your WHY!  Then, together we will set some realistic goals and I will help you achieve them.  If you want to do this business 3 hours a week, we’ll work together to set attainable goals for that work period!  You have so many different opportunities as a Beachbody coach, but one of the most fulfilling is being able to work with an entire team of coaches who want to see you succeed.  They are there to help you meet your health goals as well as your financial goals! Check out members of The Dream Team: led by my fearless coach Mel Mitro!

What does it take to be in the hall of fame?!?!  Well let me just tell you a little bit.  All of these people are REAL people just like you and me!  I know each and every one of these womderful coaches through the Beachbody family.  They all have busy lives, responsibilities, jobs, kids and not enough hours in the day.  What do they have?  They have the drive and determination to make a change.  Each of us came into the team with a difference purpose.  Some of us wanted to quit our full time jobs, some of us wanted a career change, some of us wanted financial freedom and some just wanted to be part of an amazing supportive and motivating family that helps them stay on track with their health and fitness goals.    The cool this is that we are all unique and bring something positive to the team.  Some of us are great with the workouts, others are spot on with clean eating, some of us are battling auto immune diseases, diabetes, medical conditions, and even some amazing pregnant chicks!!  We all bring knowledge and expertise to the table.  Because of our diversity it makes us well rounded and strong.  We are committed as a team to bringing you the best support, guidance and motivation to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

I would also like to invite you to consider becoming a coach on this incredible team! I am starting my next Apprenticeship program on Monday July 15th!  Now is your time to shine!

 If you would like more information on becoming a Beachbody Coach on my team please complete the survey below and email me at kdursta@gmail.com.

We can set up a time to chat and discuss whether or not the Knockout Brigade would be a good fit for you!

Katy Ursta