Summer is officially here!  I finished my last day in the classroom, and I am ready to give my challenge groups 110% !  I guess I am a teacher through and through because I left the classroom and decided, it’s time to write a new upgraded curriculum for my challengers.  SAME INSANE RESULTS IN LESS THE TIME!

That’s right!  Starting June 17th, I am taking my traditional 90 day challenge and condensing it to 60 days of jam packed motivation!  What does that mean for you?

  • More personalized meal planning
  • Daily motivation
  • Summer vacation and travel tips 
  • Continual coaching
  • New recipes
  • Secrets to push past those plateaus

Yes, the summer months take a different kind of motivation.  Usually I spend January through March working overtime in the gym and summer a little to relaxed.  However last year, I learned some tricks to keep me on track throughout the summer and actually get more toned so that I could ditch the cover-up .  I am totally ready to share my secrets with you. If you want to learn more about the challenge group, click to request an invite to the Sizzling Summer Challenge enrolling now!

Oh and I want to extend a a special offer to you this month.  Beachbody has a special promotion going on for the month of JUNE ONLY for the Les Mills Combat Challenge pack!! Challenge packs are the complete package and set you up for success with both your nutrition AND your fitness routines. You will get the complete Les Mills Combat DVD set and a one month supply of Shakeology.  That’s over$70 dollars in savings!!!!

You will also get a 30 day free Club membership with access to meal planning, recipes and celebrity trainer chats, free shipping and access to a free coach, ME!!! This 60 day program is perfect for the upcoming challenge group!


Sounds pretty awesome, right?! You get so much stuff for just $10!! This deal is NOT going to last so I suggest you get to steppin’ and message me so we can make sure you’re one of the lucky people to get your paws on this program and a bag of my favorite meal of the day: Shakeology!

Katy Ursta