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At 18 1/2 weeks pregnant, I have to say that aside from normal pregnancy fatigue and minor back pain, I have felt great for my pregnancy!  This is my second pregnancy and lordy it is a completely different experience!  I know so many people who get really sick, have no energy, and have such bad cravings that they eat terribly.  Also, being the kind of person who can’t stand taking pills, I was not excited to have to take the horse pills that are prenatal vitamins again!!

About a year ago when I became a Beachbody coach, a became really healthy by being as active as possible between my at home workouts, running and eating clean that  I was hoping to keep up with my workouts as well as my healthy eating habits.

I have been drinking Shakeology for about a year now and it has totally changed my health.  Not only did it help my curb those cravings, but I noticed a difference in my skin, my energy levels, my digestive issues, and I avoided a cold and flu throughout the entire winter season! There are over 70 rare nutrients in the shakes, and it is absolutely 100% all natural:  nothing artificial, no chemicals, and no preservatives.  How could this not be the ideal nutritional supplement for pregnancy?   

shakeology and pregnancy

I knew I needed to talk to my doctor about it because everyone needs to make sure that anything they are taking is cleared by them.  Most people I know have had Shakeology cleared for their pregnancy and mine was no different.  To be safe, I waited the first eight weeks by eliminnating shakeology and taking my prenatal.  I missed my shakes immediately.  I noticed fatigue and cravings hit hard!  So at eight weeks, I printed the nutritional information for my doctor, and brought it to the first appointment. My doctor loved the product and directed me to do the following:

  • Take one serving of shakeology in the morning WITH a folic acid supplement 
  • Stop taking my prenatal vitamin 

shakeology and pregnancy
Print the nutritional information for your doctor!

safe workouts during pregnancy I really feel like Shakeology has been responsible for the following:

First, I have had the ENERGY to keep up with my workouts and a very busy three year old.  While I am modifying the workouts and can’t go nearly as hard as I did before I got pregnant, I am still able to stick with it!  I am thrilled to have the energy to keep up with those. Plus, Nick is not slowing down, and he has decided that naps are not his thing!  So, the energy has been such a blessing!

Second, I am really able to handle my CRAVINGS.   I still have the pregnancy urges to eat a chocolate bar once in awhile, but I keep up with my weekly meal plans and I eat 5-6 meals a day, so I don’t allow myself to get hungry. Plus I drink a ton of water (60-75 ounces a day). I will say this though, I have more energy, is much better and the cravings are GONE.  (Well, ok I still want a little chocolate, but the shakeology no bake cookies help with this)!

Lastly, some women GLOW during pregnancy.  Acne plagued me the first few weeks I was without my shakes.  Now that I am taking them daily, I’ve noticed more glow and less redness!

shakeology pregnancy
12 weeks!

I honestly feel like Shakeology has made a big difference in this pregnancy.  At this point, yes, I’m tired and yes, I have aches and pains, but I’m still more energetic than I expected to be!!  Plenty of energy to go crazy with nesting, chasing Nick and working out which is good for me and baby!

I recommend definitely talking to your doctor about Shakeology to make sure that they approve it.  You can either bring a packet in with you, or you can go to and at the bottom of the site, you can print out the nutrition information and the ingredients.  Take that to your appointment with you and have that discussion.

trial shakeology

If you want to give shakeology a try, send me a message!   I will gladly send you a trial pack with my favorite recipes and a week of meal planning! 

Katy Ursta


  1. tanya0949

    October 5, 2013

    Did you drink shakeology throughout your entire pregnancy? I've read so many things online about both drinking and not drinking it during pregnancy that I'm not sure. I'm going to ask my doctor at my next appointment.

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