Les Mills Pump results

Les Mills Pump Female results I’m officially a graduate!  
So this week marked my final rep with Les Mills Pump, and boy do I see a difference! o I am not going to lie, I went into this program not thinking it was going to be challenging enough.  Seriously, 3 walk days a week just wasn’t my cup of tea!  I don’t walk, EVER!  I am either running or sprinting in every thing I do in life.  Instead of letting that deter me from the program I just improvised and added in my own cardio on the walking days!  And BAM I had a high intensity BRING IT ON attitude after the first workout.

In fact, my arms are burning and on fire for at least 20  minutes after the workout has finished.  I love it!  After only 3 weeks I was already noticing my arms getting even more toned and sculpted.  With that, I was hooked.  The best part is that I don’t have to go to a gym, pay child care and fees to take a class.  I can workout in my basement, in my underwear if I want to at any time of the day!  It just works for me!!!  It’s totally my cup of TEA!

I loved these workouts because I could feel my body changing with each repetition.  I looked forward to my each workout knowing that I was getting results.  Although I love the results in my arms, I am very pleasantly surprised to see a HUGE change with my junk in the trunk!  Wow, I guess all those squats do make a difference! 

What makes Les Mills so exciting?

Beachbody® and Les Mills International teamed up specifically to bring to the world the best trainers, the best chart-topping music, and the best body-changing PUMP moves, so the same results can now be achieved at home that millions of people get in gyms every day.

Les Mills Pump Female Transformations
Done three times a week, this barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program reshapes a person’s entire body extremely fast!

Why is Les Mills Pump so effective?

It’s all about THE REP EFFECT™. Unlike traditional strength workouts, which feature heavy weights that bulk people up, this program features light-to-moderate weights used at a higher rate of repetition.

The constantly changing tempo, body position, and speed of THE REP EFFECT breaks down more fat reserves, targets more muscle fibers, and burns more calories than traditional weight training.

What are the workouts like?

Muscles reach fatigue by performing 70-100 repetitions per body part. That’s about 4 times more reps than one would typically perform in a standard gym workout.

Do people really only have to workout 3 days a week?

We encourage anyone to engage in non-resistance training workouts (such as cardio or cross-training) on days that they’re not doing LES MILLS PUMP.

Who should do this workout?

  • People of all ages and fitness levels
  • Men and women who want to lose weight and get fit
  • People who want leaner, stronger muscles
  • Those new to working out
  • Women who are afraid of getting bulky from lifting weights
  • Fans of BODYPUMP gym classes who like to work out at home
  • People who want to try something new
  • People who do other Beachbody programs, such as: P90X®, RevAbs®, TurboFire®, 10-Minute Trainer®, and INSANITY®
  • Weightlifters who want to improve muscular endurance
Les Mills Pump Results

What’s included in the Les Mills Kit (Base Kit)

• 7 workouts on 7 DVDs (ranging from 20-55 minutes per workout)
• Padded barbell with speed safety clips
• Two 5-lb. weight plates
• Two 10-lb. weight plates
• Tape measure and measurement tracker
• Get Lean Nutrition Guide
• Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide

Les Mills Pump Results Les Mills Deluxe Kit
The Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Kit is the perfect complement to the LES
MILLS PUMP workout system, and includes everything in the Base Kit, plus:

• 3 cardio workouts on 3 DVDs
• Step platform plus 4 risers
• Two additional 5-lb. weight plates

So what have I learned:  That Pump Revolution is the hardest workout!  I seriously within 4 hours couldn’t lift my arms above my head!  I have learned that this workout is the best booty and leg workout ever!!  You want a toned body this is the way to go!!!  I’m loving it!  I don’t like the walk days so I always sub in Asylum, Les Mills Combat or Insanity!  But it’s well rounded and I am having fun!

I am still aiming for close to 2000 calories a day.  I am focusing on controlling my carbs to 2-3 servings per day!  Adding in extra veggies and protein and water water water!!!  So far so good!

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As the weather turns colder, it starts to get darker earlier in the evening and you wake up and its still dark outside think of the quote below!  Don’t let yourself get lazy, don’t go searching for excuses to get out of your workouts!  Remember that your life is yours alone and if you don’t take control of it, no one else will!!!!

Les Mills Pump Results
Nicky wants in on the action too! 

Les Mills Pump Female Transformation
Yep!  Pretty pleased with the results! 

January 8, 2013

Katy Ursta