So lately the buzz around Shakeology, healthy eating and just learning to live a healthier lifestyle has been building!  I love answering my customers and friends questions but I really really want to make sure that I am providing you with the most supportive environment so that you can be successful.  It’s easy to lose track of 10 different conversations through email and facebook.  Instead of having separate conversations with people I decided to develop a 30 day Shakeology and healthy/clean eating group.

Did you know Shakeology has all of these and more?!

Who should do this challenge group?

Anyone who is interested in trying Shakeology but is afraid they won’t like it or doesn’t want to invest the money because of the cost.  It is also a great opportunity for someone who has a busy lifestyle but wants to learn to eat healthy and have energy naturally to get through the day.  This group would benefit someone who has a significant amount of weight to lose or someone who only has a few pounds to lose.  This group is about living a healthy lifestyle and changing your outlook on life.
This group is also for those that have no idea with were to start in regards to proper nutrition and feeding their bodies to fuel their metabolism.

You are not alone in your weight loss journey

What is the 30 Day Shakeology/Clean Eating Group?

It is a closed facebook group in which I will provide you with everything you need to know to transform your kitchen and your eating habits.  I want to create a supportive, motivating environment where you can share your struggles with food, managing your time and losing weight.  

  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Preparation
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Snack Ideas
  • Dealing with temptation
  • Traveling and eating healthy
  • Working full time and eating healthy
  • Ect…

 What do I need to do to join this group?

All you need to do to join the 30 day Shakeology/Clean Eating Challenge is invest in Shakeology Home Direct for 30 days.  Yes, that means if you don’t already have it, you must get it!  I can tell you how!  You only have to commit for 30 days and if at the end of the month you saw zero results or did not like it, then I will personally help you return your Shakeology for a full refund!  3o Day Money BACK GUARANTEE!  By you investing in your health and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology I will transform the other meals of your day to give you the maximum benefits to get you losing weight, increasing your energy, controlling your cravings and feeling alive and energized.  Shakeology is not just another protein shake.  It has over 70+ natural ingredients with the right combination of carbs to protein to keep you full, satisfied and energized.  It also comes in multiple flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry and Greenberry, plus Vegan Chocolate!!

Does this sound like something you want to do?

Well, then grab a spot today!  Limited availability.  I am keeping this group small so that each participant can have my individual attention.  You can reserve your spot by emailing me at or going to my site and creating a free account to receive additional information.  The group begins on October 22nd.  All orders must be placed by October 15th to ensure delivery in time for the start!


Katy Ursta