Normally when I go back to school in the fall, I spend the first couple weeks with a box of Kleenex attached to my side and ampermanently covering my mouth as I breath the ever potent cough drop breath on everyone I encounter!  This year, I can honestly say that I am 4 weeks into the school year and am feeling AMAZING! 
Now, maybe you think I should knock on wood, I truly do think a large part of my health has been less about luck and more about eating clean and taking my shakeology.

About 5 months ago, my husband and I made a drastic change to our diet by eating foods that are preservative free and contain fewer than 5 ingredients.  I’ve noticed with the diet change my energy has increased, and  it’s also helped boost my immune system.

I thought I’d share a few ways for you to stay cold and fever free this season!

Naturally Boost Immunity

1.  Remember colds are viral, so antibiotics won’t help!  Our natural anti-viral defense is fever. So, if you feel slightly feverish at the onset of a cold, it’s a good thing, your body is attacking!

2.  Eat low-glycemic foods such as fruits and vegetables to help boost your immune system naturally.

3.  You also want to ensure that you are digesting the foods properly and absorbing all those good nutrients.  PROBIOTICS are a front line  defense of fighting off colds.

4.  SLOW DOWN.  Practice eating slowly and avoid drinking a lot of liquids with meals (which dilutes the digestive enzymes.  When you eat consciously and thoroughly chew your food, you allow stomach acid to mix with the chewed food which maximizes nutrient absorption!

5.  Strengthen the immune system.  A little germs are healthy!  Hardening ourselves through exposure.  Put the clorox wipes down!

6.  Get your dose of nutrients!  Try getting some Vitamin A , C. and D.  If you start to feel the onset of a cold, take 2 grams of vitamin C with a big glass of water every two hours.  This could nip it right in the bud!

Your Best Defense?

Minimize the use of prescription and over the counter drugs to keep your liver happy.

On the onset of a cold, try any of these herbs to naturally detoxify your body:  wormwood, dandelion root, gentian!

Hydrotherapy:  end each hot shower with a cold “chase.” Not only is this revitalizing, it also leaves your hair shiny!

September 19, 2012

Katy Ursta