I absolutely love, love, love GREAT news. This Friday I learned that yet another friend is EXPECTING. So exciting to see my friends and family expand their own families  I know when I was pregnant with Nick, I craved salty and sweet foods like no other.  And trust me, I definitely indulged.  I know the doctors say that you are supposed to keep your daily caloric intake, so no you really aren’t supposed to be eating for two.  But really?  IF that baby in your belly is saying, feed me, who am I to say ignore it?????

So today, as my Pay it Forward Friday, I decided to create care packages for the babies in the bellies!  Click below for the recipes to these seemingly indulgent treats.  They are filled with lots of healthy fats and protein.  Yummy!!!! Share the recipes!  Pay it Forward!!!!

Clean Banana Nut Bread

Clean Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies

Katy Ursta