Exciting news!  I get to spend the whole week with the one and only Mr. Shaun T.  Now before you get too excited for me or my husband starts asking questions, let me explain.  This week, I will be eating only Shaun T and Beachbody approved meals to kick my Asylum results into high gear.  I’ve been doing Asylum for about 8 days now, and am already seeing results in my core and arms.  I’ve also noticed that working out makes me want to eat EVERYTHING in sight.  So to really get a handle on my eating, I’ve decided to spend all week, 6 meals a day with Shaun T. 

When you purchase a challenge pack  with me as your coach, you not only get daily guidance and tips to help you achieve your goals, but also Beachbody sends you nutritional meal planners to help you make the right choices in the kitchen.  It’s true:  weight loss is 70% nutrition! That’s right!  You can workout as much as you want, but you aren’t going to really see those results until you make better choices in the kitchen.   Now let me say that I am the first to question the taste quality of some recipes in the nutritional guides, and when it comes to food, I don’t hold back. If I am going to eat healthy, I want it to taste AMAZING.  This part of eating clean is the biggest challenge for most people.   I’m going to let you know the good, the bad, and the oh so surprisingly tasty!  Check in throughout the week for my updates!

Here is my Beachbody, Shaun T. approved meal plan for the week!

Katy Ursta