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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

7 Essential Self Care Tips and My Free Guide

In the winter of 2016, I found myself on the bathroom floor in a mess of piled laundry and tears.  I hit my breaking point with my business, with my to do list, with my kids, my new role as cancer survivor and I felt like I had nothing left in me to give. I was feeling completely unworthy and unqualified to help other women as a coach when I felt like I couldn't even take care of myself. I sat there, uncertain about the year ahead, my passion and my purpose, crying over a pile of laundry that clearly wasn't folding itself.  

Gratitude, self care, self love, worthy, elimination diet, elimination experience
It's time to take care of you.

I was lost.
I was tired.
Do you know that feeling?

As hard as it is to admit, I was giving everyone the best of me until I just had nothing left.
I was empty, drained.
And my health was taking a major toll.
I gained weight.  I feel into a depression.
And my family was getting what was left of me.

Someone once told me that our energy is like a gas tank.  Everyday we get in the car, and we drive-our do lists, responsibilities and commitments.
We use our gas, our energy.

We have our worries.
We have our schedule.
We have our goals.

Everything we do takes our energy.  Everything.
So we must make a choice about who and what we willingly give our energy.

In 2016, I had to stop.
I had to stop taking care of everyone else before I was willing to take care of myself.
I had to stop trying to impress everyone else around me and start focusing on impressing HIM.
I had to stop seeking perfectionism and start focusing on forward failing progress.

I had to accept the fact that I was created to do great things, not all things. 

As I start a new year, I've found myself having conversations with so many women who are where I once was- dealing with the same drain that I too experienced- women struggling with emotional eating, friends in troubled marriages, business owners who can't quit the comparison game or are falling short of their goals, moms who are too tired to remember  their coffee is in the microwave, friends focusing on life after loss,  fellow fighters coming to terms with a diagnosis, and those who just feel...

like they aren't enough.

Gratitude, self care, self love, worthy, elimination diet, elimination experience
Personal Development is Part of Self Care!

I am learning that so much of our struggle is because we are tired. Our giving tanks are empty.

Here I was thinking, Katy you can take on the world. You can pile it on. You can do one more thing.
When in actuality... who am I to think I can do it all?  I mean didn't God intentionally create a day of rest?

How can we run if we cannot rest?

Sweet friend, I know first hand that no one can pour from an empty cup.

You are ENOUGH.
You do ENOUGH.
and YOU MATTER enough to take care of yourself.

Here are my 7 tips for taking care of yourself in the new year and downloadable worksheet. 


Sleep: Strive for 7 hours of sleep a night and limit the television you watch beforehand.

Eat Well:  Eat well not as a punishment but as a gift. Nourish your body with foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.  Once you get in the habit of feeding yourself healthy foods, you body will start to crave them.

Word In:  I start my morning with my devotional and my prayers.  It helps me focus on the day ahead, keeping God at my center.

Work Out: Working out is about clarity.  Working out is about gaining confidence, energy and strength.  30 minutes of intense cardio, weight lifting, or yoga. Take a class. Join a buddy. Push play at home.  Don't overthink it.  Just start.

Pause: There is immense power in the pause.  Take time to breathe, to refocus, and give yourself some grace.  Remember you can't do ALL the things.  Do your best and forget the rest.

Seek help: Go to therapy. Hire a cleaning lady. Read personal devleopment books. Listen to a podcast. Ask advice from your bestie.  Talk to your pastor.  Ask for help. Don't go at this whole life thing alone.

Consciously Collect Joy: Everyday start with gratitude, and throughout the day consciously look for the blessings. When you focus on it, it becomes more present.

I created a downloadable for you my friend to fill out weekly.
Watch the video for tips on filling out your weekly self care routine.

Gratitude, self care, self love, worthy, elimination diet, elimination experience

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