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Monday, June 15, 2015

Golden Egg Coaching Opportunity

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I am so excited to share some BIG news on a decision I've made that could potentially CHANGE your life!

First I have to back track. I have created over 3 years a substantial six figure income based upon helping others achieve their goals. When they achieve success, I achieve success.
Our team, The Knockout Brigade, consists primarily of women who first and foremost have a heart for helping others.

beachbody coaching opportunity, what is beachbody coaching , who can be a beachbody coach We are a true team of Go-GIVERS.
What does that mean to me?

  • It means we are passionate about what we do.
  • It means we are financially seeing success because we are helping others.
  • It means we are setting goals for our businesses and hulk stomping all over them.
  • It means we hustle with heart.
How do we make income? 
We promote healthy living while getting fit. We share our journey with others. We wear yoga pants to work… or we work during our prep period (yep… talking to you teachers)… or wherever our cell phone takes us. We work the hours we can. We create our own terms of success.

What is The Knockout Brigade? 
super saturday, super saturday pittsburgh, katy urstaWe are moms, wives, teachers, nurses, nannies, military spouses and others who live first to serve.
We live all over the country.
We run our businesses in our own unique style with a common theme of helping others succeed:  financially and physically.

Are You Wanting More Out of Life? Out of your Career?
Do you have that itch?
That gut feeling?
The scratch that says, there’s gotta be more…
That’s this.
This is YOUR MORE…
beachbody coaching opportunity, golden egg opportunity, golden egg beachbody
Golden Egg Opportunity

Here are some things to consider:

>>>I was able to work through my fight (when I was able) and still receive a 366%  yearly increase.
>>>I was able to find my own purpose through helping others. A large part of my time in 2015 will be spent on more philanthropic endeavors.
>>>I've traveled to Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Cancun, Mexico for " business meetings"  FREE.
>>>Daily I surround myself with motivated, inspiring, and beautiful woman who encourage me to set big goals and dream big. 
>>>I create my own hours based on the needs of my FAMILY first.

What’s the golden egg?
It’s me, personally extending an offer to place you in a POSITION that others would give their right arm for.
katy ursta, top beachbody coaches, beachbody coach with cancer
Teaching Beyond the Classroom
It’s a position that will grow wildly, fast. So it will go to those serious about growing the business.
It’s a position that only until you are placed there could you possibly understand the potential. Let me add that there are 6,000 coaches HERE...
6,000 who will be helping you created VOLUME for your team.
This is a DREAM spot.
I am GIVING 3 of these spots.
3 spots I have left open until now….
Until that person with HEART and hustle was ready to say…
“I get it Katy… this is my sign.”
I am opening the GOLDEN EGG to 3 SERIOUS applicants this week.

beachbody income opportunity, what is beachbody coaching, beachbody incomeNo I am not giving you my right arm, but I am actually signing 3 coaches to my RIGHT LEG. I am giving YOU my right leg.
It's a big deal.
*serious inquiries only
*non-coaches only

This is the ultimate gift I could give to ANYONE ready to get healthy, inspire others, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and start creating their own destiny.
This is your freedom.

Together we will begin a business blueprint for you to create and duplicate a system of success.  The apprenticeship begins June 29th! I cannot wait to work with you!

Can't wait to get to work!

Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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