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Sunday, July 20, 2014

PIYO Journey Week 3 and Meal Plan

piyo women's results
Improving Flexibility!

I am so excited because I am really starting to see a difference in my ab muscles.  Mamas lets face it!!! Those abs are tough to get back post baby, but the constant engagement of the core through PIYO is really starting to make a difference.

This week added two new workouts to the routine:  BUNS and Strength Intervals, so my schedule looked like this:

Monday Define Upper Body
Tuesday BUNS
Wednesday CORE
Thursday Define Lower Body
Friday REST
Saturday Sweat
Sunday  Strength Intervals

piyo results; femal piyo transformatio
Triceps Push-Ups Paying Off!
Buns was is a 25 minute workout that is focused on all things gluteous maximus. This workout was really amazing at getting the entire back side from every single angle possible. Bring on the sore!

I also added strength intervals to the mix. I was really nervous for this one! Total body sculpting plus the calorie burning full body workout that uses no weights or equipment and no bulk.
real post baby abs
Hooray for Ab Muscles!

So as I embark on WEEK FOUR, the question has to be raised:  Are you seriously seeing results.  And the answer is:  OF COURSE!!!!  Just because you aren't doing hard cardio, laying in a puddle of your own sweat at the end of the workout doesn't mean it isn't tough!  It absolutely is!!!  The secret sauce is to show up, push yourself a little harder in each workout:  lunge deeper, reach further,  and stretch longer.   You are the one who has to do this, and with the help of Chalene motivating you through her workouts, it CAN BE DONE.  In week four: two new workouts are introduce:  Hardcore on the Floor and Drench.  These names have me intimidated but seriously ready to take my workout to the next level!!
clean eating meal plan
Plan for Success!

piyo meal plan
Good Nutrition is the Secret Sauce!

****But, for any workout to be effective, you have to fuel your body with good nutrition.  If you are struggling to meet your personal goals, give me a holler, so that we can get you the support you need for long term results!  And if you have the sweet tooth, check this one out!

Here's to a successful week!  Here's to pushing play!  And here's to seeing awesome results!


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